Monday, September 17, 2012

I've always been known to lean a bit more to the left, as my Republican friends can attest.  But now we're really leaning to the left!  It seems that the rain has affected the wheels on the left side and they are sinking into the ground a bit more each day.  The right side has leveling blocks under the wheels, so they are not as affected.  We'd raise up the left side with the jacks if we had the use of them.  I'll be so happy when that's fixed!

Another thing I've noticed is how a person will watch whatever they can on television.  We are currently pulling in one channel here and it's really strange.  The news seems to be broadcast from India with lots of reports on what's happening in Bollywood.  And if that isn't odd enough, Left Brain has started to follow a series broadcast in Swedish with English subtitles.  He seems to be really getting into this and staying up late at night to follow the program.  I'm not saying he'll be fluent in Swedish by the time we leave Missouri, but he should be very handy the next time we shop at Ikea!

Today's line features all the techno geek things I've been waiting for!  Later this morning I will attend the "Staying on the Internet" seminar, followed by "computer safety and security" and this afternoon it's the Geeks on Tour presentation on smart phones.  Then I should be ready to make those decisions on the WiFi Ranger and perhaps it will answer our satellite questions.  Tonight's entertainment is the George Dyer show from Branson.  He is acclaimed to be one of the finest tenors in the world and this should be another excellent performance.

We had planned to stop in Branson on our way to Texas to claim our domicile but with the leveling jacks problem we may have to skip that.  Branson has so many things I love from the shopping outlet malls, the Butterfly Pavilion where you can walk among beautiful butterflies from around the world, not to mention all the incredible talent to see.  It's not just country music as many think, but you can find that also.  The food is inexpensive, the countryside beautiful.  

I'm hoping to visit the Cirque du Solei theater for a performance as I've never seen them yet.  Each time we go we try something new.  It's worth it just to visit the ladies room in Sochi Tabuchi's theater.  It is the most ornate bathroom you'll ever see.  I've not been in the men's room but I hear it features a full size pool table.  He is one of the best violin players you can ever hope to see and he always features young talent from around the world.

The thing I love the most about Branson is the family talent, many of the acts feature families and very young talent.  I remember a seven year old boy playing the fiddle that just blew me away!  And all the acts are clean, you will never hear any swearing or dirty jokes, so it's completely safe for any age to attend any show.  Okay, enough of my advertising for Branson...I got kind of excited there for a minute.  I just remember how I didn't want to go the first time because I don't care for country music and was so surprised by the variety of entertainment.

Well, it's time to go shopping again before the first seminar starts so I gotta go get ready for the day.

Long Live the Slightly Off Level Queen


  1. Maybe we will have to put Branson on our tour list...the butterfly pavilion sounds neat. I heard the driving is difficult there sort of like the strip in Las Vegas...but when we have nothing but time on our hands...what difference does it make. Take care friend and keep us laughing. Be sure to check the Tribune for the tragedy at May's Photo. We all knew and appreciated the camera knowledge Paul did for all of us.

    Mary Ann

  2. I've been to Nashville twice, but never made it to Branson. I hear it's wonderful. As for the country music, I grew up on it, and its still my favorite music. Enjoy, I can't wait to see some gorgeous photos of butterflies. Have great day, hugs, Edna B.