Friday, September 14, 2012

Information overload!

Who would have thought that learning about all the innards of our RV would be so fascinating?  It's like taking an anatomy course on what we live in.  We're also learned about many of the dangers, complete with video and photos of mishaps.

Did you know that an entire RV can burn up in about seven minutes?  This was not a comforting thing to learn, but most of it is made of thin lightweight materials for logistical reasons, so it's pretty much kindling on wheels when you really think about it

Were you aware that if you run off the road into water and the electricity is shorted you can't open your windows or doors? I know when the vendor area opens up we will be among many of those in our class waiting to buy additional smoke alarms, fire extinguishers, hammers for breaking safety glass, etc.

Left Brain and I spent some time assessing our emergency plan if we needed to exit through the window in the bedrooms.  We know we'd fit through the larger one, it's just the maneuvering of the body to get out and drop to the ground.  The smaller windows...maybe.  Of course if the flames are licking at your butt that does create a real motivation to get out in any way possible.

We saw photos of RV's stuck under bridges that they learned (too late) were not high enough for them and videos of RV's on fire, tipping over while going down the road and taking out the roof area of the gas pumps.  Yikes!  And I thought I only had to worry about staying in my lane and on the road.  The following video is the same one we saw during our presentation.  I found it on You Tube to share with you.

Today's session taught me more about the miles and miles of wiring and tubing running in, around and through the RV.  This is one of the many reasons you can't just pound in a nail to hang up something - it would be real easy to nick a wire and cause a fire.  Thank goodness for command hooks - my new best friend.  I think Left Brain enjoys this part as I was known for leaving more holes in the wall from trying to find just the perfect spot to hang something than a woodpecker who's just gone off a diet.

And speaking of diets, we signed up for the Smart Weigh next Sunday to find out if we are overweight.  Well, we know WE'RE overweight, just not sure about the RV.  I'm sure that will be a sobering revelation and result in parting with some more of our "stuff".

That's it for now - we have a dinner provided for us tonight so I've only got time during this break to get this posted.  The good news is that my internet is good now, but the sad news is that my phone is not working properly.  But luckily I can probably get one of the Geeks on Tour to help me with it when the vendors start up on Sunday. 

It's always something.

Long Live the Queen

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  1. Very interesting video. Lots of food for thought. Do be careful.

    It's good that there is so much information available for RV owners. When you buy a house, you're pretty much on your own. You have a fabulous day. Hugs, Edna B.