Tuesday, September 25, 2012

Double post today

It was an uneventful day, but it seemed like such a long one.  Left Brain did all the driving, so I don't know why I'm so tired, but I am.  We left the repair facility Tuesday morning and wound our way down through Arkansas and Oklahoma on our way to our new home state.

On the way down I tried a home remedy for cleaning the black water tank by adding Dawn dish liquid into the toilet.  While you drive the water sloshes around and cleans things up.  And with the bouncing around we gave it, it should have worked very well.  We thought we were doing quite well until while stopped for some road work a man came running up and said our scooter was about to fall off the back of the car. Oh no!  Not Harley Worth-it, my scooter!

Left Brain ran out to make the necessary adjustments and we were again on our way.  This is where I realized that I should have measured the one third of a cup Dawn (they did warn me about this).  It seems that the bubbles come out the vent pipe on the top of the RV if you add too much and well, I wanted to be sure I had enough so I gave it a little extra squirt...just a little one.  We must have looked like the RV for Lawrence Welk as we frothed and spewed suds and bubbles out the top of our RV.

We just crossed over the border into Texas when we found this lovely little facility called The Cajun Cowboy Motel and RV Park.  Use your imagination here because I'm not getting into details.  Most of the rigs parked here are men working on some pipeline so I'm glad it's mid week and not on the weekend.

But we have a pull through site (no need to unhook the car) with full hook ups and 50 amp service so we can run the air conditioner. We put it on immediately as it is hot here and extremely humid.  A nice hot shower will feel good tonight to prepare for tomorrow when we should arrive at Livingston.

The jacks go up and down when asked to, the toilet holds water, the satellite TV is working and this blog is brought to you by my Wi-Fi Ranger. Life is good.

Tonight we'll read up on how to become Texans and get ready for what ever we need to do.  

There are two posts today to get me caught up.  I'm hoping with my Wi-Fi Ranger I will have good internet coverage from here on and can post daily without any problems.

Long Live the Queen of Cajun Cowboys

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  1. Wowee, I'm finally caught up with your adventures. I would love to have a photo of your RV spewing bubbles as you drive along. I love the photo of the melted Ice cream stand (I think that's what it was!) Absolutely matches your sense of humor.

    I'm at work tonight, Pogo is here with me. I lied and told the Mrs that I had no babysitter and that he had to come with me to work. It worked just fine. After quite a bit of investigating, he is finally curled up in a ball on his little blanket snoring away. I just love this little guy. (He's snoring, not the blanket!)

    All is quiet here so I just might see about catching a few winks. You have a fabulous night. Hugs, Edna B.