Saturday, September 22, 2012


As the calendar turned one more page to the first day of Fall the temperature dipped downwards and it's nippy this morning.  Time to dip out the snuggly warm sweats and find some slippers.

While we were chatting with the neighbors last night it struck me how odd it is to talk about after the rally is over going forward to the next place.  For so many years we had always ventured out to explore new places and returned "back home".  Now that home is where we park it, we're always going forward.  Hmm. That must be why there's no rear-view mirror on our windshield.

We continue our exploration of the best method of obtaining TV while on the road.  Our first thought had been to go with Direct-TV as our son has this and it seemed to be the best way.  Now we're not so sure.  Their plan seems to only have options for East or West.  The local news is obtainable where your address is, which is where we don't actually live.  We can obtain a waiver proving that we are on the move continually and chose either the East or West side of the county.

As we explore Dish TV it is looking like it may be better for us to buy the tailgater satellite dish that would just hook into the cable box and allow us to position it where we'd get the best reception.  It would certainly be simpler than trying to find someone qualified to professionally install it.  The salespeople we've talked with are all smiles until we explain our living situation and then they have no idea how to respond and seem overly happy to watch us leave the store.

Installing a satellite dish on the house and positioning it once is fine, but when your house bounces down the road and is parked under trees, in the middle of the desert, down in a valley, up on a can get complicated in a hurry.  It would be easier to pick up a small dish than to move Seymour into the right position for reception.

Our excitement for today involves finding a laundry mat and reading while we wash our clothes and using up our gift certificate for some BBQ in Sedalia.  Perhaps we'll wander into historic downtown Sedalia for a spell also.  It would be nice to see the famous brothel at least.

Tonight I'll do a clean up of the rig to get ready for our departure and then after the Weigh In we'll head for the repair facility to fix the jacks.  It's amazing how they do the Weigh In and I'll get some photos of that and let you know how we came out.  It's important to know what the rig weighs front and back as well as side to side to make sure you are not putting undue stress on the tires.  But more on that later.

I'm going to post this quickly as we still have use of the wireless internet provided.

Long Live the Forward Queen

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