Friday, September 21, 2012

The end of Escapade

Well, the Escapade Rally is officially over now and I've been watching many big rigs lining up to be weighed on the way out.  Our turn for weighing will come on Sunday morning when we leave, as we have opted to spend an extra couple of days here to rest and relax.  Speaking of relaxing..I had a great massage in one of the RVs this morning.

Left Brain is up on the roof trying to figure out how to install the Wi-Fi Ranger and I cleaned the toilet gasket last night.  It's still not holding water and looks like it will need to be replaced.  Bummer. We both decided these jobs are beyond our abilities and will have someone else make the repairs.

We went into town to use one of our gift certificates.  It was well....forgettable.  But it was free and our bellies were full so I guess we can't complain...but I think I just did anyway.

We've cleaned the ceiling fans and drained and cleaned the hot water heater.  The car is packed and tomorrow we'll run into town and do the laundry.  While we're out we'll use the other gift certificate for some BBQ.

Our neighbors came over and chatted a bit, they're staying until Sunday also.  We had 754 RV's here during the rally and it's looking pretty empty now as many of them have left today.

I'm not sure how long the internet will continue here after today, so it may be a bit before my next post unless my hot spot works.  If nothing else there is a Panera close by - that's a good excuse to go to Panera for lunch.

Long Live the Queen of Preparation

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  1. What is the "weighing in" all about? I'm a newbie to all this. Good luck with the WiFi Ranger, and have a great night. Hugs, Edna B.