Monday, September 24, 2012

On the road to Arkansas

Sunday morning we packed up and headed over to the dreaded scales to learn our fate!  But we were pleasantly surprised to find out we are not overweight at all.  Well, WE are, but Seymour and Baxter (the car) are just fine.  This was a shocker as I envisioned having to part with many books and things – what a relief!

Doing this weighing process finds the weight for each side and front and back so things can be balanced to the most optimum for the tires.  They said that the passenger front side could be heavier to balance out and I offered to run immediately to a bakery and take care of that problem, but Left Brain seems to think we should stay on track for losing our excess weight.  Oh well.

Prior to our departure on Saturday I decided to move the boxed food from the overhead bins to the drawer under the bench seat and put the glass bowls for reheating stuff up above.  This did seem to allow for more space and is working nicely.  Okay….I admit it…I just like to move things around.

On the way into Arkansas we spotted a farm that was raising camels.  Unfortunately I wasn’t prepared for this and didn’t get a photo, and it’s too hard to stop Seymour once he gets rolling down the road.  And what rolling roads they were!

The roads are narrow and have absolutely no shoulders at all with a downward slope that would certainly flip us over easily.  We led the parade down this up and down highway with about 40 motorcycles riding behind us.  

There had been a huge HOG rally in Sedalia the night before we left.  We’ve never seen so many bikes in one spot in our lives.

Along the road I had to chuckle at a gas station proudly proclaiming itself the D and C Service Center.  I’m sure it’s named for somebody but all I could envision was women with female problems up there on the hoist getting serviced. Hmmm.  Perhaps that wasn’t the choice of words I was looking for, and then again…maybe it was.

The road kill as we go south gets more and more interesting.  Sure, there’s the usual carcass of deer, dogs, cats, raccoons and possums, but they have armadillos down here.  Now there’s a strange looking creature.  It reminds me of a possum dressed up as a medieval knight for Halloween.

And of course there was the ubiquitous dead skunk in the middle of the road.  This just starts us to singing the song with special emphasis on the “stinking to high heaven” part.  I've inserted the melody so you can sing along.

We are at the RV service center and they have an area with electricity for us to live in the rig before our appointment at 8:00 tomorrow morning.  We should have water but it appears to be turned off, oh well.

Long Live the Queen


  1. Thanks for making smile & giggle to start my day today! Haven't heard the song for a long time--and now I can't get it out of my head!!
    Kay S.

  2. Remember when that song was a Top 40 Rock & Roll hit ?!?

    Enjoying the reading of the road trip adventures...