Tuesday, September 18, 2012

Jokes I've overheard while at the rally

On Monday we went shopping.  We'd done our homework, knew what we needed and hit the vendor booth.  Our purchases were a set of four fire extinguishers, some high temp sticky back tape, a LED motion detector to replace the light over the front door, some 303 silicone spray, and the best WiFi Ranger kit they had available.  We spent an obscene amount of money, especially for the last purchase.  Oh little did we know what was in our future!

I want to the seminar on android phones and learned about some more apps I need to find.  I've already downloaded the camping and RV app to find campgrounds, dump stations and everyone's personal favorite - the Walmart parking lots available.  

After resting up a bit later that afternoon (these seminars are really draining our brains) we went over for the 7:00 gathering where the door prizes are given out and to wait for that evenings entertainment.  We finally hooked up with Dave & Vicki McKenna, a couple that Shari & Jack have been trying to hook us up with.  This is where I found out they've never even met Shari & Jack!  They were just responding to a request to the Boomers (one of the Birds of a Feather groups) to welcome us.  Everybody is so friendly here - there's nothing like being surrounded by fellow Escapees.

Lo and behold Left Brain won a Wi-Fi Ranger (the less expensive model), but all was well when the man sitting behind us offered $200 to buy it from us.  Later that night I won a BBQ apron and two gift certificates for local restaurants, so we'll be doing a bit of dining out. 

We listened to Wayne Dwyer perform and were amazed at the quality of his lovely tenor voice as he performed many Broadway tunes, many featuring the work of Sir Andrew Lloyd Weber.  Then we walked back home to stumble into bed.  We're doing a lot of walking each day instead of taking the car, so hopefully this is burning off a few calories during this week's seminars.

Here are a couple of jokes I've heard while down here I need to share with you.

Papa Bear and Mama Bear were in the midst of a divorce, sad but true.  Something about Goldilocks, but I didn't get all the details.  Anyway, I digress.  There was a custody battle over Baby Bear and they asked him which parent he wanted to live with.  He replied that since both of them beat him severely when he was bad, he wanted to live with his aunts in Chicago.

The judge asked him why he wasn't concerned about his aunts also beating him when he misbehaved and he responded with "Oh no, Judge.  That would NEVER happen. You see, the Chicago Bears never beat anybody!"

I apologize to any Chicago Bears fans that I've offended.

The second one went like this:

There were three blondes out for a walk in the country and they came across some tracks.  The first blonde looked down and declared them to be deer tracks.  The second blonde knelt down and sniffed them and said, no they were moose tracks.  The third blonde put her hand upon them and said she had to disagree they were certainly elk tracks.  While they were in a heated debate about who was right the train came and hit them.

I apologize to any blondes I've offended...provided they understood the joke.  Ooops, I did it again.

Long Live the Queen of Jokes

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  1. Thank you for the jokes!! Tell us more about this Wi Fi Ranger. I'm very interested in what it is and how it works. It's good to know that RV ownership is followed with such a good safety and knowledge system. Too bad this isn't done for home owners. You have a wonderful day, hugs, Edna B.