Tuesday, September 25, 2012

If Sunday’s news of not being overweight was good news…then Monday was approaching nirvana!  We woke early, well…Left Brain did.  Then he woke me to get up and get rolling.  It was barely after 7:00 am and our appointment was at 8:00 am.  Did I mention we were parked next door?  But he’s a smart one he is, he wanted to be sure we were first in for our morning appointment, and we were.

We went through the check list of what we wanted fixed at the service counter after everyone arrived and caffeinated up.  At the top of the list was fixing the jacks, definitely Numero Uno on our priority hit list.  Then we added the refrigerator recall, the leaky seal on the toilet, the air cleaner on the engine, the battery being drained every time we towed the car, installing the WiFi Ranger, adjusting the pressure in the tires and did they know anything about satellite TV.  They happened to have one DISH tailgater kit in stock yet and after obtaining the price on it we headed out for breakfast as they wouldn’t need our car until later on in the day. 

After placing our order we both scoured the internet with our phones to confirm the best prices on the satellite kit and their price was as good as anyone else’s we agreed that we would take it also.  So they added that to the list of things “to do”.  After finishing up our breakfast we headed back to the service center to wait for all the repair work to be done.  Thankfully we are both good readers and can entertain ourselves for hours and hours with a good book.  And we did.

Thankfully they had a man on staff who had experience with the same battery drainage issue we were having.  It seems the 2012 Honda is  notorious for this problem.  He had done a similar repair for someone else and agreed to tackle this issue.  It felt so good to be in exactly the right place to get everything done at one time.  These guys have a great sense of humor and enjoy kidding with each other during the day, but are professional in every way in their workmanship.

Later on in the day they called us into the inner sanctum to show us a couple of things and ask questions as to where to mount stuff.  I am so glad we purchased the DISH satellite kit then and there as we thought it was just a matter of plugging it in and go, but nay nay…it required some installation.  As we entered the garage area there was a muscular scary looking pit bull.  I wasn’t sure whether to pet him or try to remain calm and hope to not be attacked.  I wondered if he was the patrol dog during the night.  Later on I got my courage up and asked if I could pet him.  I was assured that “yup…he’d sure like that”.  And he did.  When I did my signature ear massage I thought he was going to purr and fall asleep on his feet.  But as soon as anyone new entered the area he was tense, alert and on the move.  I wouldn’t want to be on the wrong side of him, that’s for sure.

We wrapped up about 4:00 and we were exhausted.  I’m not sure why, we pretty much sat around and read.  I did get a call into the Divine Miss M and we chatted for a good long while…maybe that’s what did it.  Or perhaps it was the $1750.00 bill that sapped our strength.  Oh well.  It needed to be done and was done all at one time in one day, with free camping to boot!  They added some water to our fresh water tank for the night and Left Brain moseyed back to the back lot for our overnight stay.  We wanted to be sure that everything was okay before going too far.  I headed off to Wal-Mart for some vittles.  Oh my G-d.  I’m starting to talk Southern.

When I returned to Seymour I could see all four jacks down on the ground and things looked good.  There was a little white box on the ground behind him so I was hoping the satellite was up and running.  Left Brain had been a busy boy while I was out hunting for food, setting up the RV and going online to set up our DISH account.  We gazed in wonder as the menu of all the channels scrolled before our eyes.  It was like two starving people stumbling across an all you can eat buffet.  Not to mention it’s time for Monday Night Football.    It’s so nice to see the Green Bay Packers running across the TV screen again.  Well, I don’t personally care, but it makes my man happy and that makes me happy.

I started to tackle the WiFi Ranger but decided I just didn’t have the oomph in me to deal with anything more tonight.  I’d rather sit down and write a spell….rats!  I did it again.  The South is starting to seep into my pores.  It must have been the grits and biscuits and gravy at breakfast.  So instead I fixed up a mess of chili.   Sigh.  I might as well just resign myself to this new language and stop fighting it. 

We’re both doing our favorite thing – I’m writing my blog and he’s yelling at the Packers on TV and waving the remote around in his hand.   Just for fun I filled the toilet bowl with water and checked it about a half an hour later – it was still holding water.  You have no idea how much that pleased me.  I know, that sounded kinda scary to me too. The refrigerator recall had already been fixed by the previous owner, so that was a non- issue.  We won’t know about the battery draining down until we are several miles away, so we can only hope.

If you are ever passing through Arkansas and need help with your RV; just stop and see the guys at McGraugh Service Center in Springdale AR and they’ll take good care of you.

Long Live the Queen of Nirvana Arkansas, y’all


  1. latest stories prove problems provide for inpired writing. Bubble Queen, Signature Massage, Vittles! I feel like I am living two lives: Mine and yours. And loving it. Humor number one priority. Goll durn, you all' r havin' adventures.

    1. fergot to add, previous comment was from vicariously living, pond, lois :-)