Thursday, May 23, 2013

What's new in your back yard

I am having too much fun with these window feeders!

They allow a very up close and personal view of the birds that visit for the offering of meal worms and seeds. It allows us to view them holding the seeds and pecking them open.  Those feet are impossibly tiny!

They attach by suction cups to the windows and I've positioned them so I can fill them from inside the RV.  It's not that I'm too lazy to go outside and fill them...well, actually that has an element of truth to it.  It's that they are too high to reach without getting out the ladder all the time.

Some of them seemed hesitant to approach the plastic feeder, so I used a suction cup hook and duct taped a stick to it.  After I added that below the feeder I've dramatically increased the amount of birds that come at one time.

And the best part is that it makes for a much better photo when they are on the stick instead of sitting on a plastic feeder.

Even though I'm shooting through the glass for these, they seem to turn out pretty good.

Long Live the Queen of Feeders


  1. You are super clever ... great idea adding the stick. they like to have a place both to sit and wait and to crack open their seed with. Your pictures are awesome ... very close up. I have window feeders, but haven't put them out. I had a problem last year because the raccoons were climbing up the screen portion to get to the feeders ... they didn't really succeed but they made a mess of my screens. I might try again though because with Izzi guarding the windows at night, they don't come up on the deck much anymore.

    As for being ready for a trip to the shelter ... you have been ready for a long time. How much better can it be. You never have to leave the cat home alone or in the care of another person because you take their home with you. I think you will love having a orange and white kitty. And just think, you will be able to do something on MOM other than your flower:) I am hoping this turns out for you ... Queen of Apprehension!

  2. You certainly are Queen of the Feeders! Amazing pictures! You are quite the talented one!

  3. going to use your suction cup stick idea. had considered it before. pond lois