Thursday, May 2, 2013

Cold rainy day on the Island

The snow is compliments of my photoshopping - but this must be how
Waldo feels about now with this cold wet weather we've been beseiged with.

It's a nasty cold, wet, windy day here in Goose Island.  Good weather for ducks perhaps but I had a hard time sleeping worrying about Waldo sitting on his branch.  Left Brain keeps telling me he has good feathers and is just fine, but I still want to make a little sweater or something for him.
Here you can see Waldo is a good 8 - 10 feet below the rest of the family.
 I sure hope he's big enough to fly pretty soon and be able to fend for himself.

Left Brain also pointed out a typo in yesterdays blog.  I am going to pick up my tablet today - not a table.  We have many tables already, thank you very much.  It must be the chill that has incapacitated my hands from typing accuratly.  Either that or I really do need to cut back on the Coke Zero.

Our plans for today are to meet up with my Rabbi and get the books he wants covers made for.  He said he's open to anything and likes weirdness...sure hope he meant that.  I've got some fabrics I'm dying to play with and this would be a great project for them.

My friend, Beth, has signed me up for a craft week at her church and I'll be able to set up a sewing station for four days to play on.  That seems fitting - sitting in a church sewing for the Rabbi.

So, after we meet with the Rabbi, Left Brain and I will find lunch somewhere and then maybe take in a movie before meeting up with Eric at La Crosse Computers for my tablet. 

Long Live the Queen of Dismal Days



  1. I hadn't realized you were setting up house on Goose Island. How long will you be there? You are so close maybe if and when the weather gets nice I can join you for a walk and meet Waldo and the others?

  2. I hope you post a picture of these covers you are making for your Rabbi's books. That is interesting. I feel bad for Waldo, too. I know that it is Nature, and always ultimately between the animal and God...but I still want it to be warm, safe, comfy, healthy, etc. Is it (still) flooded up by where you are, at all? Take care.

  3. I hope Waldo stays safe too. It can't be fun to be all alone on a branch all the time. What kind of tablet did you end up getting? They can be so handy. Enjoy it, and have a fabulous day.

    Hugs, Edna B.