Friday, May 3, 2013

Good Friday ...all Fridays are Good

The rain and cold continue today with an expected high and low of 39 degrees.  So, we're heading north to Minneapolis until the weather breaks.  I know that doesn't make much sense, but there are reasons for this.

First - it is my granddog's birthday.  Zeke is one year old and this is the birthday card we sent to him.  Thank you Andrea for sending this to Pogo and making me aware of the fun things one can do on the internet.

We also want to see the grandkids, the human ones that is and catch up on what's going on in their world.

I hope to find my monopod and ball head while in the cities and use my old Canon Rebel xti as a trade in.

Since today is my theme of Photoshop Fun Friday, this is what I've been playing with.  Many of you are probably familiar with Grumpy Cat by now.  Well, this is my version of Grumpy Owl.

I used the liquify feature to enlarge his eyes and center of the beak and then the smudge tool to drag down the fur between the eyes and turn down his mouth.  Then I fluffed up his little baby ears some more to make him look more enraged.  Actually with this rain and cold he looks kind of irked anyway.  But he is still on his branch.  We saw him and the rest of the family last night on our way home.

I have my Fujitsu Stylistic tablet home now.  Eric really didn't want to sell it to me as he wanted to keep it for himself, but an order is an order.  He spent a long time showing me some of the features and teaching me more about it than I probably have retained.  This is the plus of dealing with La Crosse Computers instead of just buying something out of the big box stores.  You get the personal attention of someone with knowledge that owns his business.  The price I paid was the same as if I'd ordered it from Amazon.  Since you have to pay "the middleman" somewhere in the process, I'd much rather pay a small business owner (and friend) than provide more profit to a huge corporation.

It's fast - it's fun - and I have so much more to learn on it.  I'll probably be playing with it on the way to the cities today.  It's a larger size - 10.1", good for those aging eyeballs. 

Well, I've delayed long enough.  I see Left Brain has finished the dishes and so it's time to get packing for our weekend get away. 

Long Live the Queen of Fun


  1. You certainly are the Queen of Fun! Thanks!

  2. You did a great job on "Grumpy Own". I need to play with "liquify" a bit, as I am not used to that tool. If you go on Amazon and plug in "Manual for ______ (name of tablet)", you'll probably find a few good books that will help you learn about your tablet. I usually do this when I get a new toy.

    Have fun with your new tablet, hugs, Edna B.