Monday, May 13, 2013

Mandarin Orange Monday

Orange is such a happy color and I'm feeling much better today after the Mother's Day event drew to a close.  Of course, much of that was due to the arrival of my son, Joe, bearing a heavily frosted chocolate chunk cookie cake for the occasion.

As some have reminded me, I need to let go of what wasn't pleasant in my relationship with my mother and simply enjoy the beautiful children in my life.  Sometimes a case of the blues will just drag you down so far you lose sight of what you have.  I thank all those who helped to bring me around.

I have been blessed with a wonderful son and was later blessed in life with Left Brain's daughter in my life.  So I have a son and a daughter that love me, as well as two grandchildren, two grandcats and a granddog.  I have so many kind friends, both those I've known for a long time and some I've never laid eyes on that live in blogger land.

So enough with those icky feelings of yesterday!  They have been banished and purged and I will only focus on the bounty I have been blessed with and try not to waste my time on things that went south.  There....that feels better!

So, on with Mandarin Monday to celebrate the beginning of another week in my life!

One more ocotilla bloom and then I swear I'll find something else orange to offer up.  I used poster edges to this image.  The background is simply the sky behind it, as in all the others.  The prevous image I presented had texture applied to it which gave it that multifaceted background.

Long Live the Queen of Orange Mondays and Loving Children


  1. That cake sounds heavenly!! And you, my friend, have a beautiful smile on today! I think I like this version of the ocotilla bloom the best. How is the water level at the campground? Hopefully, it has receded. It looks like such a pretty park. Enjoy your day, hugs, Edna B.

  2. This is an amazing plant! I can understand why you are so taken with it! The cakes sounds wonderful. I am glad you are blessed with kids and grandkids and grandpets, as well as Left Brain. Hugs.

  3. I like the smile on your face ... you know, it really is okay to allow yourself to feel what you feel, but if you can keep in touch with the positives, you don't have to stay there long... and sometimes the contrast between what was and what is makes you appreciate what is all the more. That said, I think three weeks with the same flower is enough. Yes, I love the flower and all of your treatments, but really Queen of Repetition? You know you are awesome in spite of it:)

    Andrea @ From The Sol