Tuesday, May 28, 2013

Awaiting the pitter patter of little feet in our household...lots of little feet.

It all started out innocently enough.  I'd been wanting to do some volunteer work for the shelter and be part of their Pet Smart project.  After emailing back and forth I didn't feel like my answers were getting met, so we went to the Humane Society to talk to the coordinator about the program.

I'd seen a cat on their web page that was orange and white and figured while we were there I'd take a look at him.  Left Brain's no dummy.  He knew by doing this something fur-covered was probably coming home with us.  But he played along with the game.

After chatting with the director and straightening out my questions with her she was willing to meet with me next week for a crash course and get me going on this volunteer activity.  When I asked to see Mortimer at the end of our session she casually mentioned that I should be sure to see the cats in the office as well.

So I met the orange and white cat and although he was very nice there wasn't any magic in our meeting and with a sense of disappointment I looked at all the others in their cages.  It's so sad and as much as I want to rescue them all I know I'm restricted in our space and figured I'd go out and get my kitty-fix by seeing them at Pet Smart.

I almost didn't bother seeing what I considered "the office cats" as I didn't think they were adoptable but went in anyway.

Lo and behold...there was my friend, Peg Zappen, petting this big fluffy beautiful orange cat.  Now I almost felt sick.  There was magic here and I wouldn't be able to consider adopting him...how unfair! 

When I voiced my frustration it was explained that they were available for adoption my heart did a flip.  Then the other cat slithered around the corner and crawled on my lap, which was soon followed by purring and the happy feet thing cats do so well.  Now I was over the moon!

This pair of cats were surrendered by a family who fell on hard times and lost their house.  Not being able to keep their pets they surrendered them to the shelter.  They had been at the shelter for a month and since they were inseparable they stayed in the office instead of being in the normal cages. 

To say I was smitten was an understatement!

This is George. He's a shy guy and is three years old. His original name was Garfield, but that was just too predictable for us. Left Brain suggested George and when I looked at him again he did look like a George. 

We're old enough to remember the red headed comedian,George Gobel, from those early days of television. 

He's also very similar to George Burns in his quiet movements, no big gestures.  He's definitely the straight man of the act.

And then, of course, there is the King George version ...since I am The Queen and all.

His eyes look blue because of the blue color behind him but they are actually a very pale green.  He likes to stay in his little hiddy spot but allows people to pet him and will sometimes then come out to visit, but isn't crazy about being picked up.

He looks like a huge cat, but it's all fluff.  After the behemoth cats we used to have, these two are definite lightweights.

This is not a good photo - she has exquisite gold eyes that match her fur.

This is Gracie. Her original name was Honey. But since we had George it seemed natural to name his sidekick Gracie.  She is simply sweetness personified.  She is affectionate, curious, very relaxed, funny, laid back and wants to be in the middle of things.
Again...we are dating ourselves here with an old vaudeville team...but so it goes. She has the ditzy personality of Gracie Allen, so it fits nicely.  Her motto seems to be any lap open is her lap.
Since these cats are deeply in love and inseparable, it was yet another similarity to the old duo of George and Gracie.  And what better comedy that watching a pair of cats?  I rest my case.  It's how we came up with the names and it works for us.
I took the grandkids with me to visit on Saturday and Sunday and by Sunday they actually had George out and playing with the toy we brought them to keep them entertained on Monday when the office was closed.
It was so hard to wait until Tuesday to bring them home, but we didn't want to toss them into the crowded craziness of having family for the holiday.  Add to that the noise of the park with people shouting, the band playing and the possibility of fireworks and it was just too much.  I'd rather have them stay in their familiar location for a couple more days.
So at 9:30 this morning we will go and sign papers, pay the adoption fees and bring our new family home to start bonding with them.
So enough already- we gotta go pick up our new babies!
Long Live the Queen of Bliss


  1. They are adorable and I love the names (I too am old enough to remember their name sakes). You are surely on the road to bliss and two is perfect because they take care of each other so they will be healthy and content. You are a new Mom, so to speak and Right Brain a new Dad. Congratulations ... I'm looking forward to hearing more and more about their daily antics ... Queen of Kitty Rescue :)

    Andrea @ From The Sol

  2. Oh how exciting!! I think George and Gracie are perfect names for your new babies. My heart flipped when I saw the photo of George. What can I say? Simply gorgeous!! I love orange, and George is simply beautiful. I can't wait to see a full body photo of Gracie. She looks beautiful.

    Mazel tov Mom and Dad. Blessings and best wishes for your new babies.
    Hugs, Edna B.

  3. I knew your would "fall" soon...but volunteering at the Humane Society is the biggest temptation of all! They are beautiful...I bet they will be watching the bird feeders and drooling.

  4. I am so excited for you & Left Brain! I love the names, too! I actually saw George Goebel open for the Carpenters in 1976! But George & Gracie is an adorable name duo! Having been in Rescue for over 35 years, I am all for this! I wish you all the very best! ~Hugs!~