Monday, May 27, 2013


It's a rainy, wet Memorial Day here on the Island.  Our family just left to return home and I can now resume my blogging.  There's always so much to write about when they are here, but no time or energy to do so...much less get to the computer.

The granddaughters arrived with Left Brain on Saturday and we went to see "Epic" since it was too wet to do any hiking or sit outside.  Cute movie - kind of a blend of Avatar, Wizard of Oz and a little bit of The Birds tossed in.

The parents arrived later in the day on Sunday and my son joined us to have supper.  This was going to be a nice outdoor cooking on the grill, but again it was raining.  So the seven of us holed up inside for supper and a game of cribbage.  It's a small space but we made it work.

Sunday night soon arrived and it was time to make beds for everyone.  One kid slept on the couch, another on an air mattress on the floor and the parents were on a full bed sized air mattress on the floor since the tent idea was too miserable to consider.  As I went to bed and looked out over the bodies literally covering every inch of floor it looked like a refugee camp for Nordic people.  Thankfully Left Brain and I had our queen sized bed and a door to pull closed.

I was all set to enjoy the quiet of the night but the band in the park played until 11:00 and the bass and back beat continued to ring in my ears.  Add to that the shouts of people milling about in between rain showers.

This morning we watched a lot of soggy disgruntled campers packing up and rolling out.  I waved to each of them and smiled, knowing our nice quiet park would be back on Tuesday.

The family left about 11:00 this morning as we couldn't get out to do any walking or anything and they decided to just get an earlier start home.  Now it's just two old people enjoying the sound of rain on the roof and reading quietly...smiling...enjoying our quiet little cocoon.

Tomorrow will bring a new craziness to our lives as we signed adoption papers last week for two cats to join our lives.   There will be photos coming - trust me, lots of photos.

When I had my first oriole visit the new feeder I just had to snap his image.

Since orioles are considered to be orange and are attracted to oranges it seemed a good fit for today's theme.

So I cranked up the orange in hue and saturation a bit.

I think he's beautiful either way.

Long Live the Queen of Orange Birds

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  1. I am so jealous of your orioles. I am giggling over the thought of bodies covering every inch of floor space in your RV. Many many years ago, our holidays were like that. Anyone who had no place to go was welcomed to our home for dinner. As people showed up they were given a plate of food and told "to pull up a piece of floor and enjoy your dinner". I kind of miss it (sometimes).

    My fever finally broke today, so I will definitely be on the mend soon. Tonight I am looking forward to some great TV as I'm watching Cake Boss.

    I want to thank you for your well wishes. You have a wonderful evening, hugs, Edna B.