Sunday, May 5, 2013

Resting up after the weekend

We drove three hours to the north to get away from this wind and rain in Wisconsin.  The weather in Minneapolis was actually nicer than what we left.  Go figure.

It's always good to see the family, but there's never a quiet moment.  It reminds me why people have children in their earlier years of life.

It was Zeke's first birthday and I presented him with the quilt I made him.  He seemed to like it and rolled around on it a bit.  One of his other gifts was a collar that lights up with a blue light.  I guess this is for at night to be safe, or maybe it's just a holiday spirit thing.

But his most favorite gift by far was the huge chewie bone.  It looks like the leg bone from a deer or tall person.  He had the best time prancing around the house with it and banging into
things.  It's going to take him a while to chew that one down!

I got to see a little bit of Kiersten's dance class and am looking forward to their performance at the end of school.

They had us watch The Avengers to prepare us for Iron Man 3 the next day, since we were unfamilar with any of the Marvel Comic series.  Who would have thought those old comic books would inspire movies for our grandkids?

I can't say I'm a big fan of these action packed films, but it did have Robert Downey Jr in it, so that made it okay.  I miss the cute little animated shows they used to love so much.  I sure hope I don't have to keep watching those kind alone now that they are getting older.

But we did get to see Iron Man 3 in both IMAX and 3D.  That was exciting and really added a lot to the showing.  They seemed to have increased the sound level significantly as well.

We did a bit of shopping after the movie and I found a keyboard that combines with a cover for my new tablet.  It needed a little bit of cutting to open up some of the controls since it was a bit of a generic fit, but it will give it some protection.  It allows the screen to be propped up for viewing while using the keyboard as well, something we seem to find handy.

I managed to get $125 in trade in for my old Canon Rebel xti camera, so that helped absorb the cost of the monopod and ball head.  I used it for the first time tonight to run out and snap this photo of the sunset on the water.  It allowed me enough extra stability in the low light to manage the shot.


Tomorrow I'll go see how Waldo is doing and try it out for those shots.

Long Live the Queen of Exhaustion

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  1. Zeke is such a beautiful doggie. It looks as if he had a fabulous birthday! Wow, what a chewy bone!

    I just love your night shot. The colors are exquisite. What ball head did you buy? I'm thinking of getting one. Have fun with your new toys. Hugs, Edna B.