Friday, May 17, 2013

Photoshop Friday

One of the best uses for photoshop is to make a bad photo look artistic.  Since I seem to take a lot of blurry photos, this comes in real handy.

For instance, here was an oriole perched on the feeder, but it just wasn't a sharp photo.  And that tree behind it is too distracting.

But voila!  First I sharpened the image to try to bring in as much clarity as possible, knowing it would over sharpen it.  Not to worry!  I used the selection tool to capture all the background and then put the clone tool to work to capture the muted greens.  Lastly, I used an artistic filter to posterize the edges and it looks just fine.

Long Live the Queen of Crummy Photos


  1. You are the Queen of Photoshop Friday!

  2. Good job!! I think it's amazing how we can fix bad photos now. I get a lot of blurry ones too but I can save quite a few with PS. I would love to have some of your Orioles at my feeder. You have a wonderful day. Hugs, Edna B.

  3. I'm doing a little catching up today. I had a particularly unpleasant doctors appointment this week which turned out to be good because all is clear, but not something I would wish to go through again ... and if I have my way, I won't! Meanwhile I fell behind in my reading and commenting so here I am to comment on your blog posts. First, I love your covers for your little shelf and toaster oven. You are truly talented in many ways and clever in the ways that you use your talents. I love your confused Oriele, though he is just looking for nector ... My oriele feeder has nector in it ... yours doesn't? I have humming birds and Orieles on both of their feeders all of the time ... they aren't confused, we are. We assume it makes a difference to them if they eat from an orange or a red feeder ... it doesn't. I also like your PS doctored Oriele picture ... I have tried many time to "sharpen" my pictures and just simply can't see a difference in the sharpened vs the unsharpen version. So, like you, I move into "artistic" mode and make it look like I intended for it to be the way it is :) Anyway, it looks great so maybe it is better that way :)

    So you have a tablet? How have you figured out how to use it. Mine doesn't seem to have any instructions with it ... or at least anything I can make sense of. I am just playing with it and seeing what I can figure out. If you have any clues ... I am all ears. My Izzi is ringing the bell to go out and I need to go out and do some planting, so I will get back to you Queen of All Encompassing Talents ... Soon I hope ...

    Andrea @ From The Sol