Friday, May 24, 2013

Photoshop Friday

Due to the vast bird population here on the Island and the willingness to clean out all the shelves at the grocery store in search of grape jelly for them, I seem to have a plethora of bird photos to fix.

Here is a little white breasted nuthatch photo I liked but didn't care for the distraction of the background. And then there was that strange blue blob on the tree like it got hit during a game of paintball or something.

They are such hyper birds, never landing for very long in any one spot.  If anyone could use a dose of ritalin it's these guys!

I blurred out the background and removed the blue paint. It ended up a bit dark. 

So just like doing the laundry, I lightened and brightened with a click of the button.  Oh, if only the laundry were so easy!

Then I started to play with my favorite filters.  This one is the dry brush filter.

This one is posterized edges.

This one is the sponge filter.

This is the watercolor filter.

And finally just for fun I reverted back to the original image (the lightened version) and added a filter using a photo of an old stone wall to give it texture to go with the tree trunk.

Long Live the Queen of Photo Fixes


  1. We do live a filtered life, don't we?

  2. This is nice information blog. Thanks for Sharing.

  3. You have too much time on your hands :) But I , for one love it ... you start with an awesome picture of the little Nut Hatch and you hatch seven more. I love the filter effects and I am especially interested in the "light & bright" button ... where is it? Don't think I have ever used it. You are definately a candidate for Photo Art Friday when Bonnie comes back ... you have a great talent.

    I am excited that you applied for your little orange kitty ... I want to hear all about him/her and will be expecting pictures when the time comes. You will be happy you made this move ... there is something about a cat's love that is unlike any other. I will have my fingers crossed that it turns out well for both you and the kitty. Have a nice Holiday Weekend Queen of Budding Artistry ...

    Andrea @ From The Sol

  4. You are having too much fun!!!!! Love what you doing with the filters. I'll have to check into those little window feeders. What orange kitty?????????

    This is my first up time, and I thought I would try catching up with my reading. Tell me about the kitty, and you have a wonderful day.
    Hugs, Edna B.