Wednesday, May 22, 2013

Life is like a box of chocolates

I adore making little baskets and tote bags.  So when I saw these patterns, I just had to have them.

The beauty of this kind of storage is that when they are designed to be folded up flat and take up very little room.

There is a narrow shelf behind the couch that just begs for storage uses, but it was hard to find a box that was skinny enough, much less the right color.

So when I saw this pattern I knew it was going to be the answer for my odd storage needs.

The other big plus was that this has a zipper on each side and I've always had a fear of zippers.  But the way this is designed it was so easy to install them that I'll never be afraid of them again.

I wanted to start small so I created the little square one.  It is perfect for holding my eye drops, chap stick, pens, vitamins, and an assortment of loose things old women like to have nearby.

Since Left Brain and I are trying to cut back on our calorie consumption I decided to make this in a candy fabric so I could enjoy my chocolates visually.

I refer to this as my Forrest Gump box since "life is like a box of chocolates".

Long Live the Queen of Fabric Boxes


  1. This is adorable. What a great idea for the gadgets we just have to have nearby. I thought your choice of fabric was quite amusing. For me, I'd have to dig out some "real" chocolate because it would make me crave it. You have a great day, hugs, Edna B.

  2. You are so clever! I would pay a ton of money for one of those at a 31 Party! Cheers to you, my long lost friend!

    :) Becky

  3. You are endlessly creative! I will be contacting you about the book covers!

  4. I loves these containers! Is this your pattern? Where can I get the pattern? I may have to start using my sewing machine more.