Sunday, October 12, 2014

We have an answer!

Well, we've ruled out stroke, heart attack and brain tumors.  But it was the results of the echo-cardiogram that gave us a definitive answer.  

His doctor called him (on his day off) to give him the results and it looks like he'll need to get on some kind of meds 
 for cardiomyopathy.  

I'm betting this correction will give him more energy as well, since he's been acting like a sluggish old man lately and that's just not him.

The beauty of this is that all his recent medical treatment goes online and will be sent to our primary physician.  Plus, anywhere we stop along the way they can access the latest data as well.  Perfect for a couple on the move....gotta love the technology.

This disease can easily go undetected as people age.  It's so easy to just assume it's part of the slowing down process while getting older.  We were lucky to have the warning that we did.

So, until we get to the next clinic visit, the Queen will remain at the helm.  This is good as I need to get my skills up to date and feel more comfortable with driving this beast.

But it's amazing how much easier it is to drive See-More when your heart is not acting like a jack-hammer.  I was a bit scared to be in charge as we headed out, but Left Brain says I'm doing well and he can sense the comfort level growing.

We stopped by the side of the Oregon coast to make some lunch and take a break and really enjoyed watching these huge waves breaking on the shore.

I had Gracie all harnessed up and ready to enjoy being outside for a little bit but she heard the roar and crash of the waves and jumped right back into the RV.

Today was not a long drive, just a bit over 125 miles and we got to park in a pull through, so that was much easier.  The car battery died again and they had to give us a jump.  Not sure what's going on with this; but this needs to be addressed soon.

We are at the Pacific Pines RV Park and Storage in Florence Oregon.  All concrete sites, so much cleaner than most the places we've been.  Fast, great WiFi...ready to relax for a day or two and take in the sites before moving on again.

We really appreciate all the thoughts and prayers that came our way from our announcement of the "almost accident".  It is such a good feeling to know there are people out there who care about us. 

So far the plans are to keep on keeping on and continue our full-time RV adventure.  

Long Live the Driving Queen and Co-Pilot Left Brain


  1. Go see the light house at Haceta & Cape perptuua take the road to the top for some spectacular views there also a botanical place just north of your location that has Oregons version of the venus fly trap

  2. hallelujah for knowing "WHY"! yay! hoping medication can control it and all will be well!

  3. Technology is a wonderful thing. I am relieved that you have definitive answers and a positive direction to go in. It is good that Left Brain knows he is in capable hands, too. I am sure you are both relieved now. I could never drive the semi for Bill...not that I would want to. Yikes! Take care of yourselves and each other. You are both always in my prayers. Hug.

  4. Good to hear your news! Gary wants to know if you'd like to train for another marathon.
    If you guys pick the place, I'll get Gary there. :)

  5. Well my goodness, that is certainly good news. Gosh, I just love your photos of the waves. Simply beautiful! You have a fabulous evening. Hugs, Edna B.