Thursday, October 2, 2014

A closer look at Port Townsend

The day we went into town for the Quilt Show I did not have my camera with me...always a mistake.

There were so many interesting old buildings just begging to be photographed that I knew we had to return.  Since Left Brain would be watching football all day, I was free to wander and shoot to my hearts content....which I did.

The following photos are in no particular order....just things I liked the looks of.  I'll have more photos in my Facebook album for those interested.

this lovely mural took up the entire side of the building

great building but a blah sky - I'll be playing with that in photoshop soon

loved this door

and this one too

great patina on this wood by the shore

a nice statue by one of the many parks

this bike was too cool not to shoot

I loved this theatre, and such a great name...right Beth?

some boat "art" I found in the park

Hmmm, maybe I shouldn't be back this far

closer view of the bicycle recycle on top of the boat

a view from the end of the dock

a colorful bus in the "art garden"  - or was it a junkyard?  It's hard to tell.

While out and about I needed to avail myself of the public bathrooms.  I had to chuckle when I saw the sign for how to flush.  However, the Queen was NOT amused that there was not a Royal Flush option!

Then I ended my excursion with some of the best yellow curry and scallops for lunch.  My pants are feeling quite uncomfortable right now, but my soul is satisfied.

Long Live the Queen of Old Buildings


  1. i like this neat place! lots of ghost signage and some quirky stuff.

  2. Have you seen any Submarines ? You are very close to Subase Bangor WA.

  3. That is a very cool port town! I would love to see it up close, and thank you for sharing it. The pictures are an amazing collage of life in an old, historic, but very colourful, village!

  4. They have those toilet flushing options over here, too. We just don't get instructions!

  5. Ooooh such super photos. I love the old buildings with the advertising on the brick walls. Did you have a chance to go into the old theatre? That would have been interesting. I worked in one of these old theatres all through my high school years. This looks like such a wonderful little town. Enjoy! You have a great weekend, hugs, Edna B.