Friday, October 3, 2014

Port Townsend buildings redone

The day I shot in Port Townsend it was gray and dreary, which was fine for many of the images, but it didn't give the pizzazz I would have liked to some of the buildings.

So...I changed all that.

Here is the original shot of the big blue building on the corner.

Here it is with some blue sky and clouds:

Here there is a wicked storm approaching:

Here are some of the brick walls I can't seem to stop photographing.  These have been altered for use as textures for overlays in other photoshop play.  

Here is the wall with the blue paint on it.

Now it's a nice blurry texture with a hint of blue for effect.

Here is the dingy looking brick wall.

Here it is transformed into a texture.

Oh, and that cup you saw earlier?

This is what the original shot looked like. 

Much more dramatic with the white spot removed and replaced with black, yes?

Long Live the Queen of Manipulation


  1. What program do you use? Can you recommend one? I have never done photo shop, but I think I am ready to now. I like how you use it.

  2. These are great. I just love that big blue building. The blue sky brought out all its beautiful color. Great editing!!