Thursday, October 9, 2014

Exploring more of Oregon

Our first stop along the way was the Ecola Marker for a view of Tillamook Rock.  At this viewpoint you can see "Terrible Tilly" , the most isolated lighthouse on the Oregon coast.  This lighthouse operated from 1880 to 1957, when it was decommissioned due to the challenges of its upkeep. Unfortunately it was foggy when we arrived, so the photo is from Google Images.  It now serves as a repository for the ashes of those deceased.

In Ecola State Park we caught a view of Haystack Rock, the unofficial symbol of Cannon Beach.  This rock is home to many species of nesting birds.  The fog lifted just enough to enable the use of my own photography.

Cannon Beach was named for the cannon that washed up on shore and they have a replica of it at the wayside.

The downtown is cute and we found a place for lunch as well as a quilt shop to browse through.  The flowers everywhere are just stunning.

I loved the fence around this house.

Lots of dashing nautical men around the town.

We stumbled on this wire sculpture when making a wrong turn.  Isn't it fun how the neatest things are found by accident?

On the way back, Left Brain wasn't feeling well so I drove us home.  For once he got to just sit and enjoy the view as he does almost all of the driving.

Tomorrow we head further down the coast for about an hour to Tillamook where there is lot we want to see and do.  Let the adventure begin!

Long Live the Queen


  1. I love Haystack and Cannon Beach. It's been a few years, though. Thanks for the refresher!

  2. i'd love if you linked to good fences this week if you like! :)

    1. I see that is on Thursdays, so if there is decent internet at our location at the time I'll give it a whirl.

  3. I would say the adventures have already begun. What a lovely place. The Haystack rock didn't seem so impressive until I realized those ant like things at the base were people ... my goodness. It seems to just come out of nowhere. I love all your pictures and especially love the wire sculpture. What a very cool thing to stumble upon. I think you should link to Theresa's Good Fences ... you have several interesting fences in your pics and you will get a lot of coverage on her blog. Go for it Queen of opportunity :) Hope left brain is feeling better ... there is nothing more pathetic that a sick man (Whoa ... did I just say that?) I am kidding of course ... Be well and take good care of your man ...

    Andrea @ From The Sol

  4. Oregon is an interesting state. I love lighthouses, so Terrible Tilly got my attention. The nautical men are really cute! Speaking of which, I hope Left Brain is feeling better! Hugs.

  5. Hope Left Brain is feeling better tomorrow for the big time you have planned. I was super impressed with that Google image until I realized it wasn't yours. Rats that fog can steal a view but you managed to get some very impressive shots. Did you run through the sand with your hair blowing ? Just checking.

  6. Really wonderful shots, Cheryl. Looks like you hit that area at a wonderful time of year.

  7. Wow, I love your photos of the beach and the Haystack rock. The fog makes it look so mysterious. The wire sculptures are fabulous! What a great find to stumble upon. Here's hoping that Left Brain is feeling much better tomorrow so that he can enjoy your plans for the day. Have a great evening, hugs, Edna B.