Friday, October 17, 2014

Life at Timber Valley

These were our first visitors while in the Timber Valley SKP Park.  There were four of them, but this was the only one that didn't turn out blurry.  I never thought I'd see the day when I'd be photographing deer as they were such a common occurrence in our old house.

Then I heard the sound of....what is that?  Turkeys? Yup....unfortunately I was without the camera at that point, so you'll just have to take my word for it.  

The cats are very happy to have the complete set up again since we booked to stay here for a week.

They have all 42 feet of the tunnel, the tent and their little beds in place.  

We have a huge site with a nice concrete patio so unless it's continually rainy I will be setting up our good chairs to enjoy some downtime while here.  An awning would be nice...but we still need to get that fixed.

This morning we took the car back to the Honda dealer and have regained our ability to use the windshield squirter when we hit icky roads and weather.  That's a relief.  I've had fears of suddenly not being able to see if mud is splashed up on us with the inability to clean the windshield.

The portable battery charger has been plugged in for its 36 hours required, so we should be good to go with it as well.

Left Brain starts his new meds today and the pharmacist warned him it could cause dizziness, so I'm still the primary driver.

I saw this traffic warning on Facebook and just had to share it.

Long Live the Queen


  1. I highly recommend that RV dealer north of Eugene on Hwy 99 for any repairs its called Guarnnty RV

  2. This place looks nice, and I love the idea of the deer nearby. It seems a more natural way of living. Good luck to LB with his new meds. I think you're doing a great job at the steering wheel. You have a wonderful weekend, hugs, Edna B>

  3. 42 feet of tunnel, a tent and thier little beds, to say nothing of all the hand sewn cushy cusions inside See-More. Spoiled much?

    You are the wise and powerful queen who knows well that driving is your calling at this moment. Over time LB will adjust to his meds and will be able to at least relieve you now and then. This is great practice for you so you don't have to be afraid of driving when the need arises. By the way ... that is a great view behind See-More. I love the mountains, though I think right now your focus is on the idea of having to drive in them ... do try to enjoy the beauty of it all. Hope all continues to move back to the center and nomal is what you want it to be. I am off to a baby shower ... too bad you weren't here to whip up some cute little dresses for this cutie. Stay safe, Cheryl and my best to LB. Glad he is doing better ...

    Andrea @ From the Sol