Wednesday, October 8, 2014


As we roam about we see some strange stuff.  I have a love of signs that make you pause and reflect, but unfortunately even though the camera is right next to me in the RV, there are times I miss the shot.

Photo from Google Images
Like the one I really regret not getting that showed "Nasty Chinese Restaurant".  Hmmm.  It seems the name of this establishment is the Dynasty Chinese Restaurant, but the tree was blocking the Dy portion of the name.  I envied the photographer taking the photo, but we were in the RV and it's just not so easy to pull over or go around the block for a missed shot.  I will have to be faster next time.  I found this one on Google Images, apparently this happens a lot.

This billboard made me think of Pogo and Miss Edna, might be a great vet clinic for a very special dog.

Some of the business names just seem to be very unfortunate.  Take this one for example.  Is the last name Graves or is that what they really do excavate?  And would they really need a sign on the highway for this service?

How about Ugly Ed and DEB's?  I'm taking it that with her name in CAPS she's making it clear that he's the ugly one.

How about this sign on the back of the truck carrying caskets?  That certainly sends a strong message.  I found this one online but didn't see it personally.

Long Live the Queen of Odd Signage


  1. love the truck one. and the ugly ed and debs. :)

  2. Only someone with a great sense of humor would pick up on these. I love it. I have seen license plates that crack me up, but can't take pictures while I am driving (or I might literally crack up, if you get my gist). Good for a good laugh, Queen of Humor ... thanks, I needed that:)

    Andrea @ From the Sol

  3. You are funny, my friend. These are awesome. The ugly one made me laugh. I thought the same thing, DEB was qualifying it. The Grave one is actually true! Is the clinic for transgender pets? All of these are pretty funny. Thanks for sharing! Hug.

  4. These signs and advertising are very funny. They would make a wonderful chapter in your book. I think the Readers Digest used to have a column about odd signs and ads. I think my favorite is the casket truck. You have a wonderful day, hugs, Edna B.