Thursday, October 23, 2014

From one extreme to the other

Today's journey finds us stopping for the night just north of Los Angeles and paying $50 for the night since internet is an add-on fee.  But it's a lovely park and a pull through spot, so this is nice.  And after Left Brain did some minor adjustments  with the hook up, the car battery seems to be holding nicely. It starts right up, so we can actually leave it attached to get the full benefit of having a pull-through spot...what a unique concept!

To celebrate the nicer area with grass and concrete patio I busted out the longer tunnel for the cats, but no tent and chairs since we're still moving.  It's 86 degrees as I write this and we're sweating and smiling.  Gone is the cold and drizzle of the Pacific Northwest and we're back among palm trees and dry heat.

No crashes today, but I did get to make one incredible U-turn with the RV and car attached.  I know my friends Beth and Marti would be proud of me...I'm kind of famous for my U-turn abilities.  It's so good having Left Brain behind the wheel again as we wouldn't be putting this many miles behind us with just me driving.

We've only about 150 miles to get into Jojoba Hills SKP park tomorrow.  We called to check on availability (no reservations are accepted) and it looks promising, so we want to arrive early in the day.  They have four pickleball courts and I'm hoping to find some fellow players.

Our reservations for our park in Hemet don't begin until November 15th, so this will fill in nicely.

Long Live the Queen of Almost There


  1. so glad the car battery seems okay! and happy kitties.

  2. Enjoy your stay at Jojoba Hills. That park is on our radar for next season. We have a couple of friends already there :-)

    1. This place is incredible and for such a good price. You get half price the first week for your very first ever visit....that was a nice surprise.

  3. It sounds like things are happily back on track. The FurKids look very content in their tunnel. I bet that LB is more relaxed, too. I am sure you can't wait to get at that Pickleball court! Enjoy!

  4. This park looks really nice. I have to say, you have two of the happiest kitties I know. Their tunnel is such a blessing. Congratulations on your U-turn. Great job! Your fabulous weather is making me a little jealous. It is 49 degrees and wet here. Anyway, you have a wonderful day, hugs, Edna B.

  5. Boy, I blink and suddenly I am 4 posts behind ... you have been very prolific these last few days and I have been out of the circuit, So from turkeys to jack rabbits to Red Necks ... what a life you lead. And all of the bumps, bashes and bruises on Seymore ... makes me wonder if you are being tested for bigger and better things :) But, I have to say, it will all be worth it once you make your way to another Pickle Ball Court. So glad LB is back. I'm guessing he has taken well to his new meds and you are feeling more relaxed ... or not. You will be relaxed when the testing of your patience ends and you arrive at your destination. I think I would go for the bump up of prozac too. So here's to new car batteries and a few rungs up on the park ladder for your next post. Stay well and safe Queen of Antianxiety meds ...

    Andrea @ From The Sol

  6. Dear U-Turn Queen, I am so proud of you. You Turn every day into a grand adventure. AND you play pickleball. :-) My husand and I have become pickleball addicts, on an Onalaska court...which will be a problem when snow covers Wisconsin. Winona Y has some indoor pickleball going on, but that is a long way to drive in snowy weather. Hoping La Crosse area gets with it soon and makes some courts availabe, inside and out. So glad your man and your furry felines are doing well. Best to all, pond lois. Oh~~~Last night my two young grandkids were visiting and we pushed thirty narrow, six inch tall candles into ground, all up and down and around the pond, then lit was evening...dark, but pond and all over the hillside alive with flickering light. :-) I imagine that's something like YOU would do! again, hugs to you....~~~~