Sunday, October 26, 2014

Lazy Sunday in the Park

It's Sunday and Left Brain is watching Football on TV and I did four loads of zen laundry.  They have hanging lines and I was thrilled to be able to put my clothes up on the lines in the sunshine.  It's kind of a meditative thing for me and I seem to channel my grandmother while doing it.  

Then I took Gracie for a walk around the park.  She continues to amaze me with how well she's doing on the leash.  George...not so much.  

Since the weather is not so stifling hot today, I then went for a stroll with the camera by myself.  I had no intention of climbing to the top of the hill, but found myself up there with no idea how to get back down.

Yup...that hill up there.
But that didn't concern me too much since the view was incredible and there was a lovely breeze.   Once up here I could see how enormous this park is, considering it was built and is maintained by volunteers.

This is just the center portion - I can't get it all in one photo
I kept a close eye out for rattlesnakes as the signs posted nearby state that both the mother and baby snakes are active right now.  It would be just my luck to get bit by some foolish youngster.

This is a view of the left side of the park

This is the right side of the park
Those three buildings pretty much make up the nearby city of Aguanga
Getting up was easy, but I had no idea how to get down.  There's supposed to be a trail of some sort, but I kind of forged my own way.  Soon I was snapping photos for people to enjoy after finding my lifeless body in the future.

Oh there's the trail...down there.  Oh well, too late now since I was already own way.

Nice view of our RV from up here - complete once again with the awning repaired.

Left Brain was completing an online order (since we have landed long enough to have things shipped) so I am awaiting my new cooking set up.  I've decided to give the personal induction cooking a try.  More about this later with an explanation of what it is, why it's desired and of course with photos.

He made some BBQ chicken on the grill for lunch and since the temperatures allow for cooking, I put together my Green & White Lasagna for later.  It's basically just cheese and spinach with lasagna noodles and is a nice meatless alternative.

Later that afternoon when it was nice and quiet I gave George a spin on the leash and he surprised me with how well he did.  He just doesn't do well with all the distractions during the day.  So George...I apologize for that earlier comment.

Long Live the Lazy Queen


  1. Very nice pictures of the Park. I am glad that you survived the hill excursion! I kind of wish you had gotten pictures of Deliverance Park, from a few days ago. LB should get some pictures of you walking your FurKids. That would be so cute! Hug!

  2. Rattlesnake season would have had me avoiding going off trail all together. You are one great adventurer/ is it just anything for a photo? Looks like a lovely setup.

  3. very glad you made it down w/o snakebites or 'lifeless body' finding - yours or someone elses...