Saturday, October 25, 2014

Aguanga CA

At pickleball this morning I learned that Greek Fest was this weekend in Temecula, the larger town to the west of us.  We both love Greek food so off we went.

I wanted to photo the metal horses in the distance to show a better size relation.

This was our first glance at the horses cavorting on the hillside.

Here's a little closer view ...traffic doesn't allow for stopping to get a better shot.
As you can see, they are visible from quite a distance.
After stuffing ourselves with Greek delicacies we stopped to do a little retail therapy.  Both of us needed some new shoes and I could feel the pavement pounding when playing pickleball.  I decided to go a little wilder than I normally do and ended up with this pair...which is quite tame compared to some I've seen.

On the way back I snapped some more photos of the metal sculptures that adorn this stretch of road.

The inside of the stage coach has a cowboy and a lady passenger.

We went into the park where more of them are located, but since they were having a weekend Halloween festival it was suggested we come back Monday through Thursday when it's nice and quiet.  So more photos will be coming later on that.

The afternoon was spent enjoying the breeze under our newly fixed awning.  Left Brain found a repairman to come out to the park and do the repairs right here, no need to pack up everything and drive that horrid road again in See-More.

I'm getting some ideas for a new tent cover for George and Gracie.  Since rain isn't much of a threat here, I could do something in lighter colors to offer them some shade.

Long Live the Queen of Aguanga


  1. hallelujah for a repaired awning! :) really love the sculptures but those cavorting mustangs are awesome!

    1. I thought those might appeal to a Texan like you!

  2. 'So important to keep those tootsies happy. Glad you found a pair you like.

  3. I love the sculptures. I have seen these in other places, too. They are so interesting!
    I agree, sneakers seem to be very wild looking now. Remember when it was not cool to look outrageous? Those sneakers aren't bad, though! You definitely need good ones for Pickleball!
    Have a great time there! Hug!

  4. I can't wait to see more of the sculptures ... are they all by the same artist? Is there a story behind them? How very awesome ... and whoever is responsible, my hat is off to him/her:) So, Cat Lady, glad you have found yourself settled in a wonderful, fun place for the winter. After all you have been through, you are deserving of some recreation and some awesome, wildly tame footwear ( I question the tame part, but given who is wearing them, I think they are quite fitting). It looks like you have settled in a very interesting part of California ... looks a lot like Arizona, you must be way south. A map showing your location would be nice. Anyway, I am thinking we will be getting some outstanding pictures and posts from this location and I, for one, am looking forward to you having some real fun again. You need to have LB get some shots of you playing Pickle Ball in your dull, unnoticable shoes. Enjoy, Enjoy, my Queen friend ... you are over due for these moments ...

    Andrea @ From The Sol

    1. If I can figure out how to show this on a map and post it in blogger I'll do that. I've prepared an entry for Rubbish Tuesday and Good Fences on Thursday - not sure if I'm doing it right, but at least it's a start.