Friday, October 24, 2014

We are in Jojoba Hills SKP Park

The trip was uneventful...just the way I like it.  It was only the last 20 miles that felt insane with narrow twisty roads and no shoulder and I was so glad he was the one driving.  I also made him drive through LA, so I never took the wheel yesterday.  We noticed these cool metal sculptures on our way in and I look forward to photographing more of them.

We are settled in and learning about everything there is to do here in Jojoba Hills SKP park.  It has been called the crown jewel of the SKP parks, and I believe it.

I love these big smooth rocks.

Friday morning I went bright and early to play pickleball.  It officially starts at 8:00, but I found people there at 7:30 and I understand's really hot here by noon.

After two and a half hours of sweaty fun on the court I went to the line dance class.  It may have been just a bit too much to combine both of these in one morning.  Also the line dance on Friday is more for intermediate and advanced, so I'll try the beginners one on Wednesday and see how it goes.

The park is very hilly, but gorgeous with all the plantings and pools and ponds here and there. 

I have found that putting up the cat village gets immediate attention and in less than 24 hours I have been named the Cat Lady.

Left Brain has a repair person coming over this afternoon to look at the awning and see if they can fix it.  Some shade here would be most welcome so keep your fingers crossed.

Long Live the Queen of Jojoba Hills


  1. looks like a very neat area! and yay for a return to pickleball for you!

  2. Be sure and say 'hi' to my friend LuAnn. I'm sure you'll beat her at pickle ball LOL.

    1. Met her ...beat her...following her blog.

  3. Ingrid gave me the name of your blog and mentioned your name. Ironic that I was the one to help check you in at Jojoba and then played pickleball with you. And yes, you could beat the pants off me at that game!

  4. This looks like a beautiful park. I love those metal horse sculptures, and am looking forward to more photos from there. You have a wonderful weekend. Hugs, Edna B.

  5. I love the manes and tails on the horses. Great shot! Settling in for three weeks must be heaven, especially at a nice place like this. I'm thrilled to be doing one full week in this gorgeous city

  6. I am sure you all will enjoy that awning's shade!