Tuesday, October 14, 2014

Observations from behind the wheel

Here are some of the thoughts I had while driving today...along narrow twisty roads.... and in the rain:

1)  Our highway system is woefully inadequate.  The roads all need to be at least five feet wider with a five foot shoulder.  This is a ridiculously skinny area for an RV to be on.

2)  There should be guardrails where ever there is a drop of more than six inches.  It should be a minimum of three feet high and preferably lined with rubber.

3)  There should not be any one lane bridges....ever.  Enough said.

4)  Tunnels should be just as tall on the edges as in the center to avoid having to go over the center line to fit.

5)  The grip strength in my hands has increased by about 40% now.  I do believe I could crack walnuts with them.

George is more relaxed now that we've landed some place for a week.

I got my first taste of driving on the interstate again today, only for twelve miles, but they were glorious miles.  "Why?" you ask?  Let me tell you...

I don't have to look for a turn out to allow the parade of cars following me to pass, they just go in the passing lane without any public displays of rudeness.  I am very sensitive and all those raised fingers may be a salute of some kind to the Queen, but they appear to mean spirited.  At least in the rain people keep their windows closed, so that was nice.

I can actually go the speed limit (when possible) without worrying about a sudden turn at 25 mph....with no shoulder or guardrail (refer to items 1 and 2 above).

There are waysides to pull over and take a lunch and potty break - no need to look for a spot large enough to fit See-More into.

We have just arrived at the Escapee Park in Sutherlin OR and Left Brain got a call that he can see the cardiologist tomorrow at 1:15.


I was sure we'd have to wait here for a good long time to get in, so this is wonderful news.  Things are looking up.

Long Live the Queen of the Road


  1. awesome! glad you got there okay and already an appt!!!

  2. and that's a gorgeous photo at the top!

  3. Perfect timing. Do tell Left Brain not to stay up all night studying for the Urine test. I am sure he will pass.

  4. John mentioned your hair-raising experience at LACC tonight...everyone was glad you are safe and sound. I either missed some description or more details didn't fit the page. email me.

  5. I'm glad you made it to your new campsite safely. I have to say your photos are just awesome. I loved the photos of the sea lion and the lighthouse. The photo at the top of this post is super. My goodness, what a beautiful view. Are there any states where you haven't visited yet? You have a wonderful day, hugs, Edna B.

  6. As a trucker's wife, I know truckers agree with you. Cases in point: 1) You can go literally miles on narrow roads with no turn around, just to suddenly find weight restrictions! 2) NASCAR is onto something with rubber guardrails and barricades! 3) Updated (more universal) regulations are needed for bridges/overpasses. They are often sloped, trapping high-profile vehicles under sloped ends! 4) The Hollywood Howdy is never a welcome salute. It isn't nice! I have a lot of respect for those who drive these conditions regularly, yet maintain safety and cool heads...like truckers and you two! Prayers for LB & his dr's app't to go well! Hugs!