Monday, October 27, 2014

Flowers around the park

The flowers blooming here are so lovely, so I'll just interject them here and there as I talk about my day.

After enjoying a rousing game of pickleball and a hot shower, we jumped in the car and drove into Hemet.  This was a two-fold mission.  First, we wanted to see what the driving conditions would be like for the RV on this road.  Second, we wanted to scout out the park we'll be staying at when we leave here.  

The unexpected bonuses were having a tasty Mexican lunch and stopping at Bed Bath and Beyond, where I found a new dutch oven that will work on my new induction cookplate when it arrives.  More on that later.

We got back in time to go to the ice cream float social hour and stayed for the meeting of what's coming up at the park.

These roses are blooming in our yard....and yes, they are scented and smell glorious.

By the time that was over it was time to release the beasts into the tent and tunnel system for some outside time.

I love these lazy days.

Long Live the Queen of Desert Flowers


  1. Beautiful pictures! I especially love the cactus shots. Enjoy the desert. It is magical.

  2. What beautiful blooms you have there. We just have a few rose blossoms left to enjoy. I'll have to check out this trash theme. It looks rather interesting. The print on my laptop has been fixed (thank you Wayne). It feels so good to be able to catch up on my blog reading. You have a great day, hugs, Edna B.