Monday, October 13, 2014

Exploring Florence OR before we leave

 You can see the sense of relief on our granddog, Zeke's face when he found out Grandpa was going to be okay.

On Sunday Left Brain watched the Packers win their game.  I took some long overdue laundry next door and worked on a jigsaw puzzle while it washed and dried.  

Then we went out for lunch and ate for the first time at Mo's and we are hooked!  Great seafood.  I had the grilled blackened shrimp with mashed potatoes and a cup of clam chowder.  Flavorful and in portions that are realistic...can't beat that.
A brave (or foolish, not sure) couple walking closer during the low tide

Since I really have no interest in football, I went back to the rec room and finished the puzzle.  It was only a 500 piece one, so it wasn't too bad.  It's hard to quit once it gets going.

On Monday we toured more of the area and went to the Heceta Head lighthouse.  This is one of the most photographed lighthouses and we were blessed with nice weather.

Our next stop was the Sea Lion Caves, but this time of year there are very few to be spotted.  To access the cave you walked down 37 steps and then took the elevator down another 200 feet.

Look closer at that lighter brown "rock" on the shore and you'll see one of the few I spotted.

Lunch was some seafood pasta for me and grilled salmon for him - another tasty treat.

Our original plan was to work our way down Hwy 101 along the coast and then into Hemet for our long term stay in November.  But, being full-timers our plans are written in jello to start with....throw in a health concern and the old plan is out the window.

The next step is to find a cardiologist for the next step in his treatment.  There is an Escapee RV park in Sutherlin OR and it shows several specialists at a nearby medical facility.  Since this park is only $120.00 a week, it's an affordable place to land until we get things underway for Left Brain.

We had dilly dallied way too long in the Pacific Northwest and now it's mid October, so it's time to pick up the pace.  The other advantage to this is being back on I-5 with much easier driver for the Queen so we can make better mileage.

I've said it before and I'll say it again...I like interstates for ease of transportation.  Cruising narrow twisty scenic roads is fun in a car to explore, but not in a large rig when you constantly have to pull over to allow others to pass you.  We just can't get up those hills like they can.  I only had one guy give me the finger while driving yesterday, so most are pretty understanding of our plight.

It is illegal (at least in Oregon) to have more than five vehicles following you without using one of the pull outs.  This may not sound difficult, but often the pull outs are not terribly deep, at a weird angle and full of gravel and pot holes, all of which are terribly unkind to an RV.  Let's just say that "things go flying" when we hit this kind of road. 

Another consequence is opening a cabinet door after setting up and having stuff crash on your head.  I do a pretty good job strapping things down and securing items, but some of this is just unavoidable under horrible driving conditions.

We just got a high wave alert on the cell phones about the surf in Florence where we are, but we are quite a bit inland so should be okay.  Yup, I'm ready to get off the coast for a while.

Long Live the Queen


  1. Charming light house. Glad you are getting reinforcements for the medical stuff. It'd be nice if someone in the area could give you a reference. Maybe the people who run the RV park. I have another thought. Call an MOT.

  2. Did you get to Cape perpetual ? From there you can see Yachats awesome wiews

    1. Had to skip Cape Perpetua and Yachats due to the medical issue. But did enjoy Florence.

  3. the lighthouse is gorgeous! i like picture puzzles, too. :)

    hope you can get settled in your new spot and get the cardio care arranged, too!

  4. Glad you are doing a F/U on Left Brain's heart. Nothing to mess with and a second opinion will be worthwhile. In spite of all the difficult driving I see a Christmas card in the making with that surf and Lighthouse ... beautiful pictures. Is there anything you aren't good at, Sista? And then there is Zeke ... what a hoot. Was he worried, I think not:) Keep plugging Queen of the Road and keep us posted on LB's condition. My heart goes out to you ... this can't be easy. Stay well ...

    Andrea @ From the Sol

  5. Oregon is beautiful. The lighthouses, coastline, nature and wildlife are all fascinating and breathtaking. Of course, the roads are pretty breathtaking, too! Yikes! I give you credit; I don't think I could do it the way you are doing it. I could drive my Focus, not an RV. My hat is off to you, my Friend. Rest, Left Brain. She's got this! Take good care of each other. Hugs.