Tuesday, August 19, 2014

The rocking chair that took over Ham Lake Campground

I first noticed this rocking chair at Kathy's house and asked if I could give it twirl.

It was the most comfortable folding chair I've ever sat in, so it was off to Camping World to get my very own.

Not long after Lee, our neighbor, test drove mine, he too made the drive to Camping World to get his.

Kathy really should get a commission on these babies!

We decided to gather for a photo of the three of us in our chairs.

Then I decided that since Kathy had the eye surgery she should be "see no evil", Lee can't hear well, so he became "hears no evil" and since I always speak the truth I took the role of "speak no evil".  Hey!  It's my blog and I can pick who I want to be!

When Lee vacated his chair we proclaimed that he was "off his rocker"....which really is true.

Long Live the Queen 


  1. How will you ever know whose is whose? I know, you'll sew a different cushion for each one.

    1. I'm looking for some Mary Engelbreit fabric - the one that says it's good to be the queen

  2. Cheryl, you're the best! Dang, I'm gonna miss you, neighbor!! XO

  3. You do know how to have fun and then to share your fun with us ... nice going, Cheryl. And a rocking chair ... you are a girl (I say girl because we are talking second childhood here) after my heart. There is no place more peaceful and relaxing than a rocking chair. Note that I am trying to be nice here(as opposed to my usual cantankerous old self) because I am going to be leaving soon and want to leave you with good feelings about me (just in case, Ha!). So "speak no evil" is you? Really? Truth does have an evil side, you know :) but my truth is, I have never heard evil from you so if you say you speak no evil, I believe you. Great fun Cheryl ... I will miss you while I am away, Sista ...

    Andrea @ From The Sol

  4. I just looooove your rocking chairs!!! The fact that they are folding makes them even better. You folks all look so comfy. I had to laugh at the see no - hear no- speak no evil. Your photos are such fun. Have a safe journey to your next campground. Hugs, Edna B.

  5. What a fun post! It is great to find like minded friends to share with! You seem to have a knack for it! Hug.