Saturday, August 23, 2014

Our adventure with Camping World

Tires replaced...check.   Now to fix that awning.

After the rain subsided it was time to leave our cozy home at Precision Frame and Alignment. We pulled up the jacks, brought in the slides and made our way to Camping World.  Thank goodness the awning chose to break down near someplace we could get it fixed....very considerate of it.

We arrived in time to snag one of the few electric sites available behind Camping World on Thursday morning.  After talking to the service desk and arranging for the earliest possible diagnostic appointment on Saturday evening we settled in.

Next door we have another motorhome with five small children who are here for the Minnesota State Fair, so they are gone most of the day, which is nice.  I have to say, for five little ones it's pretty quiet next door.

The cat tent and tunnel are set up in the grassy area behind us, but they are both acting a bit spooked (possibly by the throng of little faces watching them) and seem just as happy to be inside.  It's hot and muggy so we are taking advantage of the electric site and running the AC.

We went over to the kids house Thursday afternoon to watch some of the Downton Abbey videos on their Amazon Prime and I took a bath and scraped some fur off my legs.

On Friday we went to see the movie "The 100 foot Journey" and spent some time hanging out at the RV.  That evening we went over for the party Emily had put together to visit for a bit and then came home for a quiet night of TV and reading.

We checked in with the front desk each morning in case there were any cancellations and as luck would have it, the technician on Saturday had everyone cancel except for us, so we were able to get in that morning.  We were not allowed to be in the RV during this time, but the cats could stay, so I barricaded them in the bedroom for the hour or so it would take.

It was confirmed that the motor was shot and he put the awning back together so we can travel at normal highway speeds if we choose not to wait here until Monday to order the part.  The motor should run about $200 and to expedite shipping would be another $100, but then we'd still have to wait for a time slot to have it installed.  The part will be coming from Spokane WA and we are headed that way,  so we decided not to stay here for the repair.

Since we were out of our little parking spot we drove over to Cabella's to dump our tanks.  Thankfully this was just down the road and easy to get to.  We decided we had enough water on board since the water here is pretty nasty and we'd rather not add it to our tank.

Once we were situated back in our spot (which was held down by our car), we set up everything except the bedroom slide.  George decided to hunker down under that one to hide from the mechanic and would be smooshed by the gears if he didn't exit in time.

Our plan now is to take clean clothes and some steaks for supper over to Steph's house for showers and to say goodbye.  The only problem here is that we cannot access the those drawers until the slide is out.   After explaining to Steph that George was holding our underwear hostage, we went to lunch in the hopes he'd come out when things were quiet.

While at lunch we coordinated with cousin Joel to be at our place at 8:30 am to ride with us to Bismark ND.  His car broke down out there on their way back from Glacier Park.  We'll get him there and he can either spend the night with us in the RV and leave in the morning, or jump in and head back to his home again.  Anne spoke with the car repair place and got permission for us to spend the night there as long as we leave by 7:00 am the next morning when they open.

When we arrived back to the RV George was just emerging from his hiding spot, so I held him while Left Brain opened the slide.  Then we scooped up fresh undies to take with us, along with a bag of garbage since there doesn't seem to be any place here to toss it.

It's a strange life on the road, you never know what might happen next or where you'll end up....but at least we'll be clean and with fresh undies for the next part of our adventure.

It's always good to stay alert!

Long Live the Queen


  1. I remember growing up and always hearing Mother say "always be sure to wear clean underwear when you go out. You never know what will happen." I always thought that was a good thing to remember. Then when I got older and realized what happens when one is smushed by a car or truck or something like that, does it really matter that the undies started out clean? Go figure.

    Sorry to hear about the problem with the canopy motor. I hear Oregon is simply beautiful, and can't wait to see photos. Actually I've only been to a few states, so I love all your photos. Travel safely, and have a good evening. Hugs, Edna b.

  2. 'Adventure' seems to sum it up perfectly :-)

  3. Well, you sound ready for the next leg of your journey. Clean undies are critical!