Friday, August 29, 2014

Medora Musical

We started yesterday evening with the Pitchfork Fondue, where they cook the rib-eye steaks on pitchforks in large tubs of tallow.  Oooh..I can hear an artery shutting down as we speak. The rest of the meal was buffet style and they obviously have this down pat as it proceeded smoothly.

Music was played while we dined on our steak dinner
Then we worked our way down to the Burning Hills Amphitheater to take our seats for the show.

This is the view from where we had supper

From up above, the stage setting looks like a tiny village and the buildings are on tracks allowing them to move the entire town in and out.  Since we live in a moving house, this concept appealed to me a great deal.

This talented bunch of singers and dancers come from all over, the furthest being from Maryland and North Carolina.  There's just something special to me about watching a performance in an outdoor venue.

This year is the 50th Edition of the Medora Musical and they performed songs from the past to present.

The featured act was the Chicago Boyz Acrobatic Team.  It was hard to get good photos due to lack of light and the speed of their movements, this was the best I could do.  But I did add a You Tube video to give you an idea of what they were like.

He not only flew over this group of men, but did a flip mid air as well.

They were worried about the weather and we learned that in August they generally get .6 inches of rain, but last Friday they had 6 inches in one day.  Thunderstorms are predicted for Saturday so we are keeping one eye on our pile of mud (aka the hillside) behind our RV.

Today we took a drive into Dickinson (37 miles one way) to visit the Walmart since the cat food is approaching a critical low.  There's only a couple of flavors they will eat and we don't know what we might find between here and Glacier Park, so figured it was prudent to stock up.

While in town we had lunch at the Pizza Ranch...mainly because it was across the street from Walmart and we hate to shop hungry.

The pizza was okay, but nothing special.  They had a salad bar, soup and a chicken buffet area.  The chicken, mashed potatoes and gravy were the best I've had in a long time....totally unexpected.  But I did restrain myself to one helping and skipped the dessert as I begin my goal of losing some weight.  I figure what better time for weight loss than traveling and photographing the journey.

It is apparent that with the oil boon going on right now things have hit the local area hard.  The shelves are not well stocked and there is a severe shortage of workers.

The campers were lining up at the office when we returned home, so the weekend is underway.  I may spend my weekend inside and sewing since the weather is supposed to be nasty and we hate fighting crowds.

Long Live the Queen of Medora


  1. good luck with the rains and mudslide. the performance and venue looks pretty darn cool!

  2. Nice entertainment. You always find interesting yhings!

  3. I was excited to read about the Chicago Boyz. They were on America's Got Talent last year and I was moved by their story and often wondered, and hoped, that they were successful. They were mesmerizing on TV, I cannot even imagine the excitement of seeing them in person!

  4. When I first read the title "Medora Musical" I thought you were referring to that first photo of all the steaks with eyes who looked like they were getting ready to sing to you. Of course, the next close up of the steaks squished that thought, plus reading the rest of the post helped to understand the title better.

    I have to say that your photos are simply stunning, especially the one of the singers/dancers on the stage performing with that gorgeous sky for a backdrop. A fabulous shot!! Have a wonderful day, hugs, Edna B.

  5. I have seen the tumblers a couple of times in Milwaukee and one has to feel that this discipline is saving their lives. It's a great program. The openness of the wilderness must be terribly quiet for these city boys. How are you guys sleeping. GR8 pics. And the journey continues...