Monday, August 25, 2014

On the road again...finally!

We had a very nice experience with Camping World in Rogers MN.  The technician pronounced our awning motor to be dead and we decided to wait until later down the road to fix it...we just wanted to get going already.

So on Saturday we went over to the kids to watch some more Downton Abbey and take showers before hitting the road.  I had used the bathtub before and really liked the shampoo I used that day, so went to retrieve this for my shower.  Hmmm.  Puppy Shampoo.  I guess I didn't read the label real well before using, it's no wonder I want to scratch my ears with my feet now.

We had a pleasant evening with the family over supper and a couple of rousing games of cribbage.

Sunday morning we got everything hooked up in preparation to leave and when Joel and Anne arrived with their big dog, Obie I gave her a quick tour of the remodeling we'd done and then we hit the road.  I had Joel take the co-pilot seat to enjoy the scenery and chat with Left Brain about guy stuff while I sat in the recliner and played games on my Kindle and did some knitting.  No, the recliners are not anchored down and there's no seat belt.  If we hit something I'm pretty much a projectile, but I try not to think of such things.

We arrived at the Subaru place in Mandan ND where his car had been left for repairs and got settled in.  We noticed a pizza place about a block away and Joel drove me over in his car to give it a test drive and waited with me for it to be ready.  Left Brain was too tired from the long day driving to want to join us.

We've dry camped many places before, but this had to be the worst.  The area is surrounded by bright lights and there was a train track right behind the Subaru Dealer where they unhitched and re-hitched.  The noise was like a thunderstorm and you could feel the vibrations inside the RV.

I had been worried about him being too hot while sleeping on our air bed, which was not a concern.  It got downright cold that night.  At least our bed was comfortable.  It seems that Joel got the airbed with the slow leak and we had to turn the generator on twice in the night to refill it for him.  He definitely did not have a good nights sleep, but is a pleasant fellow and never complained.

Monday morning had us up about 6:00 to get ready and do the take down so we would be out before 7:00 am as agreed.  We've never hit the road so early before.

That's our crazed house guest in the front window.

We backtracked a few miles to join him for breakfast at Cracker Barrel before parting ways.  We look for these on our travel days as they have parking for buses and RV's, something not always easily found.

On the way to Medora we found a Walmart and I bought a stash of cat food to get us to the next destination.  It was only 130 miles to arrive and when I asked about staying for a week I was told they could only accommodate us until Friday, as they were booked solid for Labor Day weekend.  But then the wife arrived at the desk and said they had a spot they could put us for the whole week.

I had my normal seat back in the front, so here are some images from the road.

This is the world's largest Holstein cow - it was such a thrill to see her

Lots of wind power out here and many crops of sunflowers

I love old machinery, actually any old rusty stuff

Those sunflower fields absolutely glow in the distance

The farmers are allowed to bale hay in the right of way, it looks odd to me to see them so close to the road.

This was a metal sculpture along the way.  You can see by the hay bales how huge it is.

When we went out to be guided to the site the car wouldn't start.  Oh great.  But luckily the owner of the campground had a small portable jumper thing and took care of that problem in short order.

Good privacy and quiet in our little spot....we're just hoping it doesn't rain.

Left Brain's foot prints in the mud as he unloaded hoses and cords from the bay

So, we are currently at the base of a steep slope and the back portion of our site is full of wet mud, making set up for Left Brain a bit of a mess.  We should be okay unless there is a heavy rain....thing things might get ugly.  So think sunny thoughts for the next week for us.

Long Live the Queen of Mud


  1. puppy shampoo - ha! i like your bearded houseguest - could be one of my brothers. :)

    glad you're situated again!

  2. I had quite a good giggle over the puppy shampoo. Hey, soap is soap, right? I love all the photos, and I'll keep hoping for good weather for you. Now I'm off to the next post. You have a super day, hugs, Edna B.