Tuesday, August 26, 2014

Medora ND

We're settled in for a one week stay, which is great since it will carry us past Labor Day weekend.  It can be a nightmare trying to find a place to land over holidays.

Today we had lunch at the Cowboy Cafe and then went to the convenience store for groceries.  I suppose my first clue as to the lack of shopping might have been that our campground was listed as one of the three places to get groceries.  The other two were the Medora Campground and this convenience store.  Let's just say it was slim pickings unless you wanted typical camping food.  But we wanted chili for the cold weather.  We actually turned the furnace on this morning and got to enjoy the company of two cats seeking laps.

Note that the mens room is outside - women get to stay inside
Our next step was to get tickets for the Medora Musical and Pitchfork Fondue dinner on Thursday night.  Yup.  They cook the steaks on pitchforks over an open fire here.  On the way back this we saw a mule deer and her young one.

Since the nearest town with more to offer was only about 20 miles away, we headed west...almost to the Montana border.
On the way there we passed a town named Home on the Range.  Nope...didn't see any deer or antelope.  Perhaps they are sitting inside playing video games today.

Beach is an interesting name for a town in North Dakota.  There was no beach that I noticed, but they did have a cool water tower for my collection.

I also liked the humor of the Mexican restaurant.  La Playa translated from Spanish into English means beach.

There was also a little quilt shop in Beach also so I had to go there as well.  Not much I wanted, but I did pick up a pattern and some special paper for making quilt squares that looked like fun.  I don't think it's legal to leave a quilt store without a purchase.

The grocery store was tiny but it did have all the ingredients needed for our supper tonight.  There was this cool old building right behind it.  I don't know why, but I love old structures like this.

When we got back it was much warmer, so George and Gracie got to go out in the tunnel to play while I cleaned our sidewalk and Left Brain touched up the front of the RV.  With all the mud here it's hard to keep from tracking it in the house, one of those hazards of living on the road I guess.

After going on a cleaning rampage and organizing things we enjoyed a quiet afternoon and I finally made my chili for supper this evening.  

Long Live the Queen of Wide Open Spaces


  1. Your photos are super!! I love that old building too. It has such interesting angles. The Cowboy Café looks rather interesting too. Was the food good? I's after 3 a.m. as I sit here catching up on my reading. I just finished backing up my laptop files to an external drive. So, once I finish reading the next post, I'll be off to dreamland. You have a good night, hugs, Edna B.

  2. The food was tasty - good home cooking. You will not find any commercial chain anywhere in sight here - no McDonalds arches, etc....it's kind of refreshing.