Thursday, May 1, 2014

May Day...May Day

I have fond memories of May Day as a child and when I still had my "sticks and bricks" house in Wisconsin I was treated to a May Day surprise by my neighbor, Colleen.  I didn't know it was her at the time.  The doorbell rang and there was nobody there, except for the lovely basket hanging on my doorknob.  Does anybody else still do this charming custom?  I suppose in this day and age it might solicit a call to the bomb squad.

Now May 1st has other meanings for me.  This is the mark of my one year deadline in my closet.  On May 1st I turn all the hangers backwards.  During the year when a particular item is used, laundered and hung up again, the hanger is positioned in the correct way.  When May 1st rolls around again if there are any hangers still facing backwards, they are removed without ceremony and taken to Good Will.  My hanging wardrobe is only about 36" now and if it isn't used in a year, it really needs to go!

We've been going round and round with our insurance agent and got the bad news today that because we did not have the special policy for awnings (that would have added a whopping $3 or $4 bucks a month to our bill) they cannot pay anything to us.  We explained that had we KNOWN this we would have taken the extra insurance as this covers not only the awning that goes over the patio area, but the two that cover the slide-outs.  It was very frustrating and I was amazed at how calmly Left Brain handled it.  I would have slammed the phone down in a huff.  Well, I guess I can't do that anymore...but I would have hit the end call button very firmly with my finger, even though that's not nearly as satisfying.

We've started our wave of doctor appointments and both of us will be starting physical therapy soon.  Me for the shoulder I damaged playing pickleball and Left Brain for his back.  The x-rays confirmed he has osteoarthritis in his spine.

My computer is finally running more smoothly and I have the ability to use the printer again.  Now it's just the GPS for geocaching I need to fix.  We managed to get part of it running again, but my maps seem to be missing.  Oh well, one "thing" at a time.  It's too nasty to get out there geocaching right now anyway.

It's good weather for sewing and I've been working on some little quilts for the desk area, partly to protect the wood and partly to add some color.

Not my photos- but it looked like George

The cold and wet continues and we've received invites from friends to stay at their home if the water comes up. 

We are sitting next to the backwaters of the Mississippi and the park is renown for flooding.  

But we are parked near the road where it's high and dry.  If nothing else, we are pointed in the right direction to leave.

Long Live the Queen of Damp and Cold


  1. Don't ever say that I am not observant and noticed that ' hit the road' parking style!

  2. Good to know about the awnings, have to check out ours.

  3. I have been thinking of you and wondering how you are holding up in this weather. Stay safe.
    If I found flowers hanging on my door I would be afraid it was a stalker planning my funeral. Too much "Criminal Minds", perhaps. I have never slammed a phone down, but I have hung up on people. (Sorry.) My mother was one to slam down phones. I hate insurance people. They are notorious for withholding pertinent information. Been there, done that; I feel for you guys. How is the poetry coming? Enjoy! Hugs.

  4. laughing at your 'firmly hanging up finger'. :) so true. just not the same satisfaction. really like your closet procedure! what a cool idea! especially since your space is so limited! mine, if the dust gathers on the top of the hanger, it's a signal it has to go. :)

  5. So sorry to hear about the insurance bit. Amazing how they don't tell you about this when you first take out the policy. I'd be slamming down the phone too! The older I get, the less patience I have.

    I love your kitty photos. And yes, it does look like George. Do you suppose he would wear a rain slicker? That reminds me, I found a cute one the other day and bought it for Pogo. The one he has is just a little big for him. So far, I haven't found any boots that are tiny enough to stay on his feet.

    It's almost time for me to pack up and go home (I'm still at work). You have a wonderful weekend.
    Hugs, Edna B.

  6. I remember May Dy ... I actually remember hanging baskets on my neighbors doors and running so they wouldn't know. It was kind of a mixed bag of feelings ... Feeling good about doing something nice for somebody and at the same time feeling like I was getting away with something when I could run and hide. Strange what can make a little ornery tomboy happy :)

    You would think the Insureance man would want to sell you comverage on every inch of you See _More ... after all it's money in his pocket and if they ever paid their claims they would still make a big profit from all of the people who don't need to file a claim. They aren't just fraudulent, they are stupid. And, like McGuffy Ann, I have never slammed a phone down, but would have liked to many times ... Now that you tell me I can't anymore ... I really want to. Don't call me any time soon, I may try it out on you :)

    I hope your shoulder gets feeling better soon and as for Left Brain ... not much you can do for AO ... some exercise and lots of Ibuprofen. Sorry you are being rained on so much. We have rain in our weather forcast all the way through next week. Makes it hard to get out and work on the yard, which I hate ... makes it hard to get out and work on the yard, which I love ... Some people are never satified :) Be well, Sista ...

    Andrea @From The Sol