Wednesday, May 7, 2014

Short sighted

This is a photo of a turtle we spotted in a park trying to
get around the parking barrier.  A kind man finally
picked him up and helped him on his way.
When we had the horrible rain storm and the awning was thrashing about in the wind, I suggested to Left Brain that we lower the antennae.  He actually agreed with me that that was a good idea.

After the storm I was bemoaning the fact that our internet no longer worked and we used the hot spot on the phone for several days. Bummer!

Then Left Brain decided to go up on the roof to see if there was any damage up there from the awning.  This is where he found one of our stakes that had (at least attempted to) hold the awning down.  The ground was so wet the stake was pulled out by the wind on the awning and was flipped on top of the roof.

He also noticed the antenna was laying down flat and feared it too had been damaged in the storm and that's why we weren't getting any internet signal.  This was the worst blow of all as we value our internet highly.

It wasn't real long after that realization that we remembered the antennae had been lowered during the storm.  It was broken, it was just down!  He cranked it up and now we have our internet again.

Our poor little WiFi Ranger that is attached to the TV antennae simply couldn't get a signal being snugged up against the roof. 

Sometimes you just have to take a second look.

Ahhh.  Life is good again.

Long Live the Forgetful Queen


  1. I had to look twice, but then I saw the cat behind the raccoons. Very good!! It's good that the rains have stopped and your internet is back up again. I am lost if my internet goes out. We seem to depend on it for so many things now. Hopefully the damage to the awning can be fixed soon. I am so glad you folks moved on when you did and did not get caught up in the tornadoes. Enjoy your internet and have a wonderful day. Hugs, Edna B.

  2. Ah yes, sometimes things actually do make sense. I am so glad you are back in business! You were definitely missed, my friend.

  3. i thought that cat looked familiar... masked cat.