Sunday, May 4, 2014

Sew What Else is New?

When the weather is cold and wet, sewing is a nice diversion.  I made two of these little log cabin style quilts to protect the wood of the desk and provide a little spot of color.

As you can see in the photo above, the drawer for holding Keurig supplies is slowly being used to store thread. 

Now I need to direct my attention to a different kind of sewing.  I have been assigned the taste of creating ten little dolls for the Hmong Cultural Center for use with second graders.

We retrieved my small box of doll making supplies that had been stored with Larry and thankfully I did keep a small stash of my favorite dollmaking fabric.  It's a stretchy suede that makes the most delightful skin.

I'll keep you up to date as I begin this undertaking and share my progress.

Long Live the Queen of Sewing 


  1. Your little quilts are beautiful. I understand the problem about the coffee box being taken over by thread. It seems that each of my carry bags are now home to a different yarn project. The good part is that I don't have to go searching for the materials for each project. Everything is in the carry bag.

    I can't wait to see the set of dolls that you are going to be making for the cultural center. I think this is an admiral project. I'm at work, so gotta go. You have a great night, hugs, Edna B.

  2. your quilt block is neat. good luck w/ the dolls!

  3. Oh, I cannot wait to see these dolls! I love all of your crafts and projects. This current one sounds very interesting! You are so creative and talented!

  4. Boy, you do know how to spice things up ... your color selections are awesome and the little quilts are perfect for See-More. How long before George and Gracie take these over ... what, you hadn't thought of that? I will wait and in time there will be a post with one or both of them lounging on your beautiful quilts. A little cat hair would be the perfect homey touch, right?

    I too am looking forward to a step by step coverage of your dollmaking project. I know this is something you have done and are known for so I think this will be very exciting to watch. You are a good soul and the kids will love it. Even the boys ... I sure hope our culture has advanced enough to allow boys to play with dolls ... after all, they do grow up to be Dads, right? And Dads should be involved with the babies along with Mom. So think what you are contributing to ... you are going to enlighten the next generations of Moms and Dads ... Wow, Queen of Enlightenment ... I am impressed:)

    Andrea @ From the Sol

  5. Hope you have different shades of that suede! Tea is a great stainer. :)