Thursday, May 15, 2014

Still here...still dry

The weather continues to be cool and damp and when the wind blows it's just nasty.  Today we went to our physical therapy session and then stopped at Walmart to pick up stuff we've run low on.

Then I hauled the laundry over and sat in the car needle-sculpting the faces for the dolls while waiting for it to be done.

I positioned the car so I could watch the river while I worked and it's amazing how fast the time goes when the needle is flying.

Tomorrow I meet with the lady again to show her the new body and some faces.  

Working on these isn't exactly helping my arm heal so I hope this is the last revision and I can get this project taken care of quickly.

Long Live the Queen of Cold Spring  


  1. So are they supposed to be Hmong? Pic?

  2. I am happy to see this post. You are missed when you don't post. However, I am sorry you are suffering. I hope that the PT works its magic soon. I cannot wait to see the dolls!

  3. i hope the revisions are given the okay. :) and i hope weather turns warmer for you soon!

  4. I can't imagine what she did not like about the doll, and can't wait to see the new face. Sorry to hear that your arm is not feeling so good. Hopefully the PT will help. I take breaks in my crocheting because my hands and fingers begin to fight back after a while. The little breaks help a lot. Here's hoping the warmer weather will catch up with you soon. You have a wonderful day, hugs, Edna B.

  5. Who knows what people want ... how could she not have loved your doll ... I did. Doesn't everybody love what I love? Guess not ... but, you need to take it easy on your shoulder. Like Edna said ... take breaks and bask in the warm sun ... wait, there is no warm sun :( Surely there must be something you can do, like take Ibuprofen or sip some wine. I feel for you Queen ... pain is exhausting and it tends to reflect on everything else in your life. I wish we could come up and help you sew or give you rubbies or something that friends do for friends. You will tell us if you need anything, right? Stay well and try to take it a little easy Queen of Too Busy ...

    Andrea @ From the Sol.