Saturday, May 31, 2014

Be careful what you promise!

During the first half of our stay back in Wisconsin it was cold and rainy and I thought I’d never get warm.  

There was even crazy talk about buying some more long sleeved shirts to get me through what Wisconsin calls “Spring”.

During this climate adjustment I uttered the fateful words that I just wanted it to get warm…and I promised not to complain how hot it might get this summer.

Well, it’s still technically spring until June 21st, so am I able to grumble away about the heat…and the humidity?  Come on!  It’s only May and it’s 90 degrees and with the humidity it feels like wading through warm, sticky Jello.  That’s just a guess, by the way; I actually have no clue what that would really feel like to wade through Jello.  Wrestle in it...yes, but that's another story for another time.

Remember all that previous rain and rising of the river?  Guess what incubates best in these environments.  Yup – the state bird of Wisconsin…the mosquito.

We were stupid enough to traipse through the woods in search of a geocache and it was just a stroke of luck we made it out alive.  I don’t think even Deep Deep Woods Off would have halted that marauding bunch of blood suckers.

But a promise is a promise and I’m trying very hard to revel in the tropical warmth being granted to us here in the northwoods.  You’d think I’d learn to just keep my mouth shut.

Long Live the Hot and Sultry Queen


  1. the skeeters have been bad in texas lately, too. i have bites in places i don't want to talk about!

    but i remember those woodsy wisconsin summers! terrible skeeters!

  2. I have been in New England the last couple of days. It hasn't been bad here, though I hear it is at home. We are headed to Virginia and then Texas, I think. Yikes. Sweaty hugs!

  3. I think it is just amazing that the northern states get the heat before we do in the East. Spring here is still trying to make up its mind about what sort of weather to have. Although I must say that today was fabulous. Low 70's and sunny with a cool breeze. It was supposed to have rained on and off all day, but so far it hasn't happened. Your state bird is quite interesting. No, we don't want any of them here though. You have a great evening. Hugs, Edna B.