Thursday, May 8, 2014

Family gatherings

We were honored to watch our oldest granddaughter, Emily, play in a volleyball tournament in Rochester MN last weekend.

Kiersten was able to entertain herself by working on her creations, as this was a very long weekend for those not playing.

We hadn't seen this part of the family since Christmas and it was hugs all around with lots of talking to catch up.

As you can see, the ice and snow hangs on...welcome to May in Wisconsin.

This is the other campground in our area, and you can see why we don't stay here.  It's generally underwater until later on in the year, which is when we move on to Minnesota.

On Sunday we had lunch with our son, who we haven't seen for a year and did a lot of catching up as well.

Our stay here will be enhanced later this month when Eric and Colleen come to camp next door to us in their new trailer, HaRVey.  Then in June we will have a camping visit from Doug and Carole. 

It is such a joy to reconnect with family and friends while we are back in the old stomping grounds.

Long Live the Queen of Reconnection


  1. SO glad you are getting family time!

  2. This is so heartwarming! I am happy you are having lots of face time with loved ones. That is so special. It looks like Kiersten has your creativity! Hugs.

  3. I love how you edited that first photo of Emily. Your granddaughters are lovely. It must be wonderful to be spending some time with your son when you haven't seen him for such a long time. My goodness, the snow and ice just doesn't look so very inviting to me. You can keep it. I don't bloom very well in cold snowy weather. I surely hope that Spring catches up with you. Enjoy your friends and family. Have a wonderful weekend, hugs, Edna B.