Sunday, May 11, 2014

Happy Mothers Day

Being a Mom isn't easy, not much easier than having had one I guess.  But it is nice to take the time and reflect on what this means.

My feelings are that any one can be a Mother - you don't even have to be female for the job.  I know some great Mr Mom's who are far more nurturing that I'll ever be.

We will be meeting with our son for lunch today and then off to explore the new community theater that was built during our absence from the area.  It's so fun to be a tourist in your own home area.

The play is Thoroughly Modern Millie and I personally know some of the seamstresses that have created the costuming for the show, that adds an extra joy to the event.

The weather seems to be sunny and without rain so far, so perhaps a nice walk will be in order as well today.  That would truly make this a special day.

Long Live the Mother Superior...I mean Queen


  1. Happy Mother's Day. I hope you have a wonderful time, and beautiful weather. Enjoy! Hugs.

  2. Being a Mom is not an easy job. It's one we take on without any training, and we don't find out whether or not we did a good job until the children are all grown up. Amazing, but we all do it, and we turn out some pretty amazing young adults.

    I just love those "mommy animal" photos. It takes all kinds of mommies to raise all God's children. We are two very lucky ladies. I hope your day was filled with sunshine and happiness. Hugs, Edna B.

  3. I am having some problems keeping up with blogging lately, we have been very busy at my house. But, I couldn't pass up commenting on your doll. He is amazing and the facial expression ... How do you do that? I am glad he had the decency to cover his private parts in the third picture. I assume you had something to do with that:)

    As for your Mother's Day post ... I read between the lines and I am sorry that Mother's Day can't have the same meaning for you as it is meant to. I am sure you are not alone in your feelings, but I have to disagree with one thing ... Anyone can have a baby, but not anyone can be a mother. If that were true we wouldn't have an unthinkable number of foster children out there. That is a side of Mother's Day that never gets talked about and it should be, because it is a terrible failing of society. I know you were able to get pleasure out of your day because that is who you are ... Now that we have moved on to Monday, Life goes on, right?

    Also I do believe you have changed your page design ... I love green so it jumped right out at me when I came over. Did you do it yourself or did you have someone do it for you. Which ever, it is very light and cheerful ... much like you, Queen of Up Beat. Hope your week is good even though they are predicting rain every day and it is snowing in Colorado. (Climate Change? What's Climate Change :( )

    Andrea @ From The Sol

  4. I took the La Crosse weather report from your Blog. Remember you are welcome at Dragonfly Pond anytime, even if you end up strolling leisurely around by yourself with your camera. I, pond lois, and husband, are catching a Red Eye Midnight flight out of Quito, Ecuador, tonight. I, myself, have not seen the pond for two weeks. I imagine the big toads from miles around are running rampart, the males noisily croaking and chasing the females around the water surface. Allo our neighbors are included in hearing the loud croaking ruckuss.