Sunday, May 18, 2014

The Social Season Begins

After battling a case of the blahs for about a week, our series of visitors was about to begin...time to cancel my one person pity party and get on with it.  I'm never sure what brings this on, but I'd put my money on the full moon and gray, wet, cold weather.

As you can see the park is still undergoing a flooding situation and at present 150 sites are underwater, which is really bad with Memorial Day weekend coming up soon.

But the weather held for our friends, Eric and Colleen, to arrive on Friday night with their new trailer, HaRVey.  This was only their second time out and it felt good to be the "seasoned" travelers.  This is not the same as being mature.

They have a small trailer that is so cute.  I've never seen one with this kind of set up.  The couch pulls out and then a Murphy bed goes over the top of it for the bed, which Eric says is more comfortable than the one at home.

The part that would be a small table and two bench seats converts into bunk beds and so they have a day bed and a couch to enjoy when they need to be indoors, providing a little space from one another.  The bathroom is spacious and nothing like the "shoilet" we had in the canned ham of yesteryear.

Left Brain and I recall only too well how important that is from our days in the "canned ham" (our R-Pod).

We helped them get situated on a somewhat level piece of ground that was not too soggy as to bog down, just enough to mess up your feet.  Yup...that's life in the park these days.

The first night was cold so we huddled in our RV, See-More, and helped Eric endure his new camping adventure with large quantities of brandy.  

The next day the weather was better, which was good as we had two couples arriving for supper that night.  Eric grilled salmon over the wood fire and Colleen had some sauces, appetizers and coleslaw to go with it.  Karen and Irving arrived later with the potato salad.  Bob and Marti arrived empty handed, but since they are clearing out their house with a June 6th deadline, we gave them a pass.

It felt so good to have six friends surrounding us as we snacked and drank and talked about all the events in our lives.  The weather was actually pleasant, not warm, but not raining.  As the weather got colder and the wind came up the guests took off and the four of us huddled around the fire pit, at least until the rain hit and then we scrambled to gather up stuff, grab the cats and headed inside.

We are not exciting people and thankfully our friends understand that.  We like to greet each other in the morning, share a meal, talk for a while and then we need to take a break and retreat for some quiet down time.  It's not because we're old, well we are, but we've always been like this.

At one point a motorcycle came rumbling through the park and one of our guests shrieked "there's a girl with a wedding gown on the back of that bike!"  This prompted all of us to gather cameras and wait for their return down the street.  I don't know as if I've witnessed this before.  We see lots of things here, but brides on bikes in big white gowns...not so much.

On Sunday the weather was warm and sunny...of course.  The day Eric and Colleen need to leave it gets super nice.  We watched them prepare for their departure and bid them well.  For only their second time out they are handling this like pros.

Before they left they cooked up some scrambled eggs and onions with the salmon and then grilled pineapple slices to serve with it, as well as toasted bagels.  Yup, this is the perk of having friends come to visit and camp next door...they bring good food!

Karen made a return trip to retrieve the chairs they had forgotten the night before and brought both of us some eggs freshly squeezed out by their chickens.  I just love these kinds of friends!

Tonight we meet up with Larry and Eileen to take them out for supper.  Larry turns 60 tomorrow and we want to enjoy his company before he turns in a dotering old fool....although I fear it is already too late.

It's amazing how much better a person's mood is when the sun is shining and you don't need to bundle up in several layers of clothes, not to mention having been well fed and having shared lively conversations.

Long Live the Queen of Contentment


  1. glad you are getting sunshine and friendship. now, if the water would subside.

  2. I am so glad your weather is sunny, as well as your disposition. You sound more luke your usual self. I agree, weather can make a difference. That long, cold, lonely Winter had me down...but here comes the Sun.

  3. Sorry if I affended ... it was meant in fun. So glad to see your cheery self back again. I especially enjoyed your Biker Bride. There seems to be no end to the fun in your life or to the number of good friends you have. Speaks volumes Queen of Amicable ...

    Andrea @ From the Sol

    1. I was not offended in the slightest, it's good to know somebody misses me when I'm absent like that. Today there is no rain, sunshine and it's as warm inside as out (70 degrees as we speak). The cats are playing in their tent city, Left Brain is off golfing and I should be working in the dolls but the internet is so fast this morning I hate to get off it! Went for a half hour walk this morning and just enjoyed the sights and smells of the park...much better mood. I hate it when those attack of the blahs hit, but thankfully they seem to be short lived.

  4. Oh my gosh, those biker bride photos are precious! What fun! I've never seen this before. My goodness, you certainly have more than your share of water everywhere. Hopefully it will drain away soon. It sounds like you've been spending some wonderful time with lots of friends. You're right, good food and good friends makes life pretty awesome. You have a wonderful day resting up now. Hugs, Edna B.