Monday, May 12, 2014

Enjoying spring plants

Since I no longer have a garden, I was pleased to walk through the garden of my friend.

This was especially sweet because we purchased most of our plants on shopping trips together, so it's like visiting family.

I love watching the ferns come up.

These trillium will be spectacular when they open.

Bloodroot has always fascinated me.

And there's nothing as cool as a fern leaf peony, the foliage is as nice as the flower.

Long Live the Queen of Spring Upheaval


  1. i love the trilliums and bloodroot - both wildflowers remembered from my wis. youth. :)

  2. I love the plants, especially the fern leaf peonies. I've never seen those. They are stunners! A yard down the street has the old fashioned lilacs, and of course they were in bloom for yesterday. Gosh, I surely do miss my lilacs. I can't wait for the two new little bushes to grow bigger. Today's weather was just spectacular. I hope yours was nice too. Have a wonderful evening. Hugs, Edna B.

  3. I agree. It amazes me to watch everything unfold! Each day it is more green and lush. Love your photos! Hugs.

  4. This needs to stop ... I can't keep up with you. You are posting so fast that I have to comment when I have just commented ... really? That said ... I agree the Trillium will be spectacular. Ours is already in bloom ... surprising that we are ahead of you because everthing here is so late, but then maybe everything there is late too. I have never seen a Fern Leaf Peony ... in fact I have never even heard of one until today. They look like they will be gorgeous when they bloom ... will you be able to get pictures of them in bloom? Very Cool post Queen of Over Achievement ...

    Andrea @ From the Sol

  5. I sent Miss M a message to gather for lunch....soon.

  6. Hmmm ... no comments? I am sure I commented on this. Are you getting carried away with your power to moderate? I know I can get a little sassy at times, but I don't recall that being the case this time. Hope all is well with you. I really came over here to tell you that our other Sista commented on my abstract and said "looks like you had fun with this" ... did she not learn from our conversations? Does she not know that I know that she is scratching her head at my art? I had to share it with you, Sista because I know you will understand :) Now if you choose to "moderate" this post, I'll get it :)

    Andrea @ From The Sol

    1. Ha! No, I don't get abstract art...but it does look like you have fun with it. Ha!

  7. Okay Sista Queen, it is time for you to chime in. We is communicating with you and you are not responding :( You say, you have nothing to say to your two Sista's ... Is that any way to be? Have we lost status in your eyes, you being the Queen and all? We await word from you Oh Queen of the Sistas ...

    Andrea @ From the Sol