Monday, April 28, 2014

Rainy Days and Mondays

We are once again safely ensconced in our Wisconsin home at Goose Island County Park.  This can only mean one thing:  rain.

It was cold and damp when visiting my two blogger friends, but this is just downright nasty.

I'm not used to being the tallest in a group!

The cats enjoy playing in their tent city….even in the rain.  They will hunker up on their perches under the tarp when it’s raining just to keep an eye on those birds.

The birds in Goose Island are quite brazen and will begin to flock the minute the food is presented.  George and Gracie are not used to this type of bold behavior and to be honest, I think they were a little frightened of them.

Of course this is the first time they've seen the red winged blackbirds, who seem to know no fear. 

Much of the time spent so far has been getting situated.  We parked differently this year, which allows for a better internet signal, but creates quite a third step when exiting the motorhome.  We borrowed some blocks from Larry to make this a bit more manageable.

Left Brain took both our computers to visit Larry while Eileen and I went to see the movie 'Heaven is Real'.  It's working much better now that it's been cleaned up.  I had planned to take this to my computer guru, Eric of La Crosse Computers, but apparently Left Brain was not aware of this. 

We went to bed last night with the sound of rain thundering down on the RV, which was OK....this doesn't even frighten George much anymore. But then the winds begin to shake the RV and howl.  As disconcerting as that was, it was bearable.  

It was the screeching sound of metal being twisted as the gales tried to separate the awning from the RV that were nasty.  The awning was being tossed to and fro in the wind and slammed against the roof and sides of the RV.

Left Brain went out to see what he could do and all I could picture was him being struck by the wild flailing of the awning and hit in the head.  I really didn't want to change his name from Left Brain to Brain Dead, but he managed to not be harmed.

It's still raining today, so all I could do was look out at the carnage on the ground.  Rugs torn up, cat tent tipped over, things strewn around the yard and worst of all the twisted metal of the awnings.  Lots to clean up and repair when we are able.

Amazingly the one thing that remained intact was my bird feeding station constructed of tent poles, twigs and pieces of rope....go figure.
It even managed to open a locked bay door that had a bit of a gap to it.

So, since there wasn't much we could do about it anyway; I bravely carried on and went for my massage to see if Kathy can mend my wonked up arm and then we all went out to lunch together.  Yes is all we do....think about eating.

Long Live the Queen of the Wind


  1. Our awning deployed once while we were on the road, switching highways... out it flew and we were going down the road with a madly flapping awning and cars honking at us! Our friends at FMB took good care of us when we got home with that sad "broken wing".

    Stay safe! Hope it dries up for you soon!

  2. i'm glad things were just whipped around for you. seeing the scenes of the rvs wrapped around poles and such just makes my stomach turn. bless so many people who've lost everything...

  3. It sounds like you were settled in nicely, until the storms hit. Bill escaped the tornado in Arkansas. I am glad you are all okay up there, too. I hope you can get repairs done painlessly, too.
    I love the picture of your visit. The ones in my post were from the stste park, but two springs ago. Thank you for the ones of us.
    Stay safe up there. Hugs.

  4. You beat us home....we plan on leaving next Monday. Hope we can get long will you be in our area before going to MN? Get ahold of Miss M and Judi and we'll do a 4-some!

  5. Sad to hear you are getting tossed around a bit by the wind and rain, but I am oh so glad that you got up there before all the tornadoes touched down. It's scary to think that you just came through a lot of those places, but I am so glad that you are safe. I just love the photo of you and Andrea and Ann. We are having a gray day here. No real rain yet, but it may come later. You have a wonderful day my friend. Hugs, Edna B.