Wednesday, April 23, 2014

Meeting new friends

 wasn't quite sure what to expect when meeting my two blogger friends, there’s always that four year old inside that’s scared they might not like me.  But, there was nothing to worry about with these two.  It felt right the minute they arrived to take me out to lunch.

George watches as Gracie gets to know the visiting cat that came to our campsite

After a quick tour of See-More, which never takes real long, we jumped into Andrea’s car and started with a little tour of the state park I’m currently living in.  Both Andrea and Annie are avid birders and it was amazing to hear them calling out the names of the ducks and birds we spotted.

Andrea is much more diligent with her camera than I am, much more like Miss Edna.  I had my camera with for the whole time we were together and never shot so much as one photo.
We were having too much fun laughing, talking and getting to know each other.  There are two groups of females that are capable of being extremely silly and loud – teenagers and seniors.  Actually, I think as seniors we can easily outdo the silliness factor of teenagers…we've had so many more years of practice.

You’d think that when Andrea had the lady at the coffee shop take our photos I might have thought to have her do the same with my camera, but noooooo.  It just sat there the whole time.  Sigh….the mind is the first to go.

Annie is a published author and writes poetry, something I've never been real good at understanding.  They had a copy of her book there, so I purchased it and had her sign it for me.  This is nothing I take lightly, there are very few books that make it into See-More due to the storage factor.  But I am determined to try and understand this art of writing and appreciate it more fully.

By the time I was delivered safely back to our RV my stomach muscles and jaws ached from laughing so hard.  There is a beauty in women and their ability to tear down the barriers and just ….be.  Being on the road with Left Brain is fun in so many ways, but I savor the time spent with female companions and all the issues we share...especially when they are as funny as these two....and I mean that in a good way.
This was like having a therapy session, as well as a show and tell of where I live and how I organize things.  I received genuine encouragement to write a book of how we live on the road, something I've toyed with from time to time and feel a pull to do.

You never know how the next person that enters your life will bless you.  I believe with each encounter of this kind I learn more about myself in the process.   Life keeps evolving faster and faster as I age and it is a glorious thing…both to be enjoyed and shared.  

Today I understand they are returning with the dogs to take a walk.  I promise, photos will be taken this time!

Long Live the Queen of Good Friends


  1. how absolutely awesome. i felt your fatigue and joy in it all. :)

  2. Hail to the Queen. It was wonderful to meet you! I felt like I already knew you. I think we all had fun, too. This post is so beautifully written, poetic even. Hugs.

  3. I'm so glad you got to meet up with Andrea. I can only imagine the fun you ladies had. Do take photos to share. I've never met her in person so a photo of the two of you would be oh so nice. Today should be a fun day, and I agree that you should be wiring a book. Have a wonderful day, hugs, Edna B.

  4. It is wonderful how that happens sometimes. We had no more than shared a hug and it felt like I had known you all my life ... and I know I can speak for Annie here too. You are the catalyst of funny. Sparks flew, laughter rolled ... how much fun can a person have in such a short time. Like you my stomach muscles (that are long over due for a work out) were aching as were my jaws . I am going to have to recouperate now that you are gone, for our second day was equally as fantastic. Oh my, a rare,but wonderful encounter Queen of Shtick ... we must do this again. Therapy is the perfect word ... you nailed :)

    Andrea @ From The Sol