Friday, April 18, 2014

Enjoying the new desk

This dinette, desk, table thing is amazing.  I'm just never sure what to call it.

On Left Brain's side is a drawer for all his junk and cabinets underneath to store my baking pans.

In the center is storage for cookbooks, the small heater and fans, my iron and other sundry items not often used.

On my side are two drawers and a file cabinet.  I like the top drawer for the often used items such as stapler, pens, etc.  The second drawer houses the cribbage board, paper and finally a safe spot for my camera.

Since we don't have a lot of files that need hanging, I've used part of this to store the crock pot.  The files in front are all the travel places we want to visit.  As I come across articles on things to see and do, I store them here since travel is our top priority.

The top portion of the desk allows each of us space to put the things we are currently working on.  The three storage drawers in the center hold the Keurig coffe, chai, hot chocolate, apple cider and tea.  These were chosen due to their little grippy feet that keep them in place.  The top portion also has a nonskid surface which is nice for holding the computers when not in use.

There are many options with the table.  We like it best like this, with the leaf inserted and pulled all the way out.

This is what it looks like with the leaf removed and pulled all the way out.

And finally, this is without the leaf (which is stored inside the table) and pushed all the way into the desk area. This makes for a lot of extra floor space.

One of my favorite things now is that when we are planning our next move, I can pull my chair over to his side and look at the maps or computer screen together.

By moving the kitchen cart to its new location, Left Brain no longer has to wiggle his way past it.

Long Live the Queen of Tables


  1. Oh my, everything looks so nice. I had no doubt that you got two chairs, but was just checking. I love the idea of the side tables on the chairs. And I just love that new dining center you have. What a great space saver! I'll bet George and Gracie are loving all this new space too. Now you can write two books. One for all your wonderful travels and antics, and one on how to design and decorate an RV. I'm off now to rid the world of a few dust bunnies. You have a fabulous day, hugs, Edna B.

  2. obviously this was a very good redesign for you! every day you'll appreciate it! :)