Tuesday, April 15, 2014

The Remodel - Stage Two

Couch removed...check.
Dinette removed....check.
New furniture in place...check.

Now we need two chairs for the table.  Since we enjoy our computer time, we opted not to get regular chairs...which would make more sense spatially.  But then we've never been known for our strong sense of conformity.

We want rolling office chairs that swivel and tilt...with arms.  Yeah, not the best choice maybe, but it's what we want.

We went to a couple of office supply stores and found what we liked best at Staples, who happened to have the chairs we wanted on sale that weekend. 

Since the wood is cherry, we went with a rich dark brown.  We weren't able to agree on the same chair, but they look very much alike and are a close enough of a match.

It's funny to think about how fast we decided on the $900 recliners and how much time and effort went into the $60 office chairs.

Much of our time has been spent reorganizing things into the desk and getting things into the right location.  Photos will be coming of the complete set up in due time.

Long Live the Queen of Fine Seating


  1. really nice! all you need are some bungy cords to tie them in place when you're traveling! :)

  2. Great practical remodel. I am doing the same thing to our office. Taking out everything and putting in the new when we get home.

  3. I was thinking the same thing as Tex! Oh my! Please be careful with those chairs. When my recliner died recently, I seriously mourned. I didn't like my new chair, so Bill traded with me. His chair was identical to my old one.

  4. Couldn't leave well enough alone, huh? Got that itch to move stuff around, eh? Looks nice!!