Sunday, April 13, 2014

RV Remodel time!

Yesterday we drove most of the day to arrive at Elkhart Indiana.  I have been waiting for this day for a long time now and it's almost here!  We will be doing some work on the RV ....well, actually we'll just pay them....they do all the work.

Here you see the standard set up of a dinette table with bench seats and a couch jammed right up next to it.  This is pretty standard in the RV world and it was fine...for a while.

ignore the distortion from the photo - our RV doesn't actually curve like that

My neck gets kinked up watching TV from the couch and I've been wanting a recliner for a long time.  George is almost a lap cat now, I've been working with him for months towards this goal and he'll jump up on the couch and wait for me to pull him on my lap.  This is a major milestone for him.  Soon I will have my own chair for us to snuggle in.

By gutting this out and putting in a recliner, it will open up a lot more floor space and I can position the chair to actually face the TV....imagine that!  Plus the chairs have this cool table that swings up for use, providing another surface for the laptop, puzzles, cats, whatever the occasion calls for.

The dinette set up had nice storage underneath the bench seats, but it was hard to get to the other overhead cupboards because of the bench seats.  It was decided to go with a storage cabinet system where the table pulls out from the center space.  This allows for a longer table than we had before, but it can be shortened up by removing the leaf and pushing it in.

Now the kitchen cart can be moved to a location that will not require it to be moved when the RV is in motion....yipppeee! That little sucker is heavy.  Left Brain will be glad to see it relocated as well as it was an obstacle for him getting into the bench seat.

Long Live the Queen of Remodeling


  1. Gosh, it all sounds so exciting. I can't wait to see photos of the finished project. It's wonderful to hear that George is feeling comfortable being a lap cat. It's such a good feeling to know that your fur babies feel safe with you. It was sunny when I was driving home this morning, but somehow the clouds came along and gobbled up the sun. Oh well, I'm just going to nap anyway. Hopefully tomorrow is going to be nice so that I can do some planting. You have a fabulous day my friend, hugs, Edna B.

  2. i'm thinking the recliners will be GREAT!

  3. Chaseburgmama is jumping to conclusions. The Bedroom is the only room you didn't discuss. I am guessing there is already a mirror on that ceiling ... I mean, doesn't everybody .... :)
    I am glad you posted these pictures so now we will have something to compare it to when we see the new See-More. You may have to spruce up See-more's name now that he is going to be so gorgeous ... like maybe "Voir-Plus" . That sounds pretty sexy and it would account for the mirror on the ceiling too. Just a thought. What are you going to do all week while they work on your home? I'm not sure there is much to see there but maybe you can find some bike trails. Or read a good book or post some extra stuff on your blog. Just a few suggestions.
    Be careful what you wish for when you want George to be a lap cat. Once they claim that as a place of comfort they will do a guilt trip on you if you need to get up (which always happens when you have a cat on your lap). You will sit there trying to hold it or dying for that special treat of something to drink and you won't want to move the cat. Some day you will think of me when that happens to you :). The weather is supposed to be crap around here this week, so I am guessing it will be pretty much the same for you in Elkhart. Fingers crossed it will have improved by the time you make it over this way. Looking forward to seeing you, Queen of Sexy Bedrooms ...

    Andrea @ From The Sol